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What Devices In Your Store Could Be Working Harder For You?

With a rash of recent headlines touting smart retail devices from drones to shelf scanning floor scrubbers, Omni Talk Retail sought out an expert to talk about how retailers are evaluating this technology, what results they’ve seen since piloting it, and of course, mistakes to avoid along the way.


Empower Direct Store Delivery Drivers with Smart Data Capture


Smart Data Capture Platform

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Best Practice Guide

How Grocers Can Lock In Loyalty By Exceeding Expectations

Using loyalty apps powered by smart data capture, create a personalized and informed experience that keeps shoppers coming back for more.

Best Practice Guide

Smartphones or Dedicated Hardware for Healthcare Scanning?

This healthcare scanning guide identifies common concerns that healthcare service providers must address when replacing dedicated devices with scanning-enabled smart devices.

air travel made easy with mobile id scanning

Air Travel Made Easy with Smart Data Capture

See how Scandit’s ID Scanning can make air travel processes friction-free.


What to Look for in Field Service Data Capture

Buyer’s guide for evaluating data capture technologies that optimize field services.

On-Demand Webinar

Raising Performance To New Levels

Digitalization in supply chain and logistics is no longer optional.

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Optimize Retail Operations with Smart Data Capture

Walk through the best practice we and our customers have learned on how to successfully deploy smartphone scanning for retail staff.