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Best Practice Guide

Introducing the Hidden World of Fake IDs

Dive into the alarming rise of fake IDs with 32% of college students admitting to possession, and how popular platforms are unintentionally aiding their spread.

Best Practice Guide

AI Take-Off: 17 Airline Innovations Boosting Experience and Reducing Costs

Here is how AI-related technology like machine learning, automation and smart data capture is helping airlines to drive innovation and reduce costs.

vytal employee package
Case Study

Vytal - Vytal Cuts Waste With Reusables and Unlocks Inventory Insights With Smart Data Capture

More than 6000 Vytal partners can boost sustainability, save costs and remain compliant through Scandit-powered smartphones.

MatrixScan Find in a grocery store

Smarter In-store Order Fulfillment with Scandit Smart Data Capture

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On-Demand Webinar

Unleash Barcode Scanning Adoption with Scandit Insights

Discover the surprising results of our user research into scanning UX.

Bricoman store

Bricoman Elevates Employee Efficiency and In-store Experiences

PUDO Scaling

Scale PUDO Into a Seamless Service Across Lockers and Store Points

PUDO has become an essential complement to home delivery. Here, we show how to make it as efficient and effective by Scandit’s Smart Data Capture technology to your employees’ smart devices.

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Best Practice Guide

4 Hidden PUDO Benefits for Your Customers & Employees (with MatrixScan Find)

PUDO is a win-win for customers and retailers. Here is the solution to one of the biggest challenges – quickly locating the right parcel.