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Best Practice Guide

5 Revenue-Driving Reasons You Need Scandit ID Verification

Discover the revenue-driving opportunities and enhanced security measures Scandit ID Verification offers, from secure high-value item shipping to compliant pharmaceutical deliveries.

Retail Cosmetics Product information
Best Practice Guide

Tradition Meets Technology: Modernizing Luxury Shopper Journeys

To thrive in this dynamic landscape, luxury brands must understand the nuances of different shoppers and leverage technology to provide desired experiences.

Landmark Store
Case Study

Landmark Group - Superior Scanning Enables BYOD Strategy and Boosts Operational Performance

Discover how Landmark Retail improved their store operations and customer experience with Scandit Smart Data Capture.

Case Study

EK Retail - MatrixScan AR Increases Product Order Efficiency Three-fold

Deploying Scandit Smart Data Capture capabilities not only saved EK employees time to network at the trade fairs, but also helped convert all their customers to the EK app in a short period of time. In less than four years, all trade fair visitors have adopted the app.

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Retail Guide

The Omnichannel Odyssey: Strategies for Success

Discover the considerations and paths to success when selecting an omnichannel strategy in retail. Learn how to choose wisely and get results.

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Transportation & Logistics Guide

Introducing UPU S18 4-State Barcode Scanning for Mail Delivery

Scan sorter-printed S18 4-State fluorescent barcodes on any smart device. See how this will assist employees and businesses.


Barcode Scanning: Ready-To-Use UI and No-Code

Scandit Express Find iOS

Instantly Find Items Using AR in Scandit Express

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Best Practice Guide

16 Last Mile Opportunities Delivery Businesses Need for 2024

Despite a challenging business landscape, last mile opportunities abound for delivery companies. To prove it, we sifted through them and selected the best for you here.