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Futurum Research Tech Webcast

Futurum Research Principal Analyst Daniel Newman met Scandit CTO Christian Floerkemeier to discuss what smart data capture offers businesses, workers and consumers.

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Best Practice Guide

MatrixScan Count Technical Brief

Technical guide to MatrixScan Count including product and user interface overview, integration, practical considerations and how to get started.

Loading the Van MatrixScan AR Bubbles Delivery Zones
Best Practice Guide

Beating the Big Four Challenges in the Last Mile

Are you looking at digitally transforming your company’s driver operations? Then the videos below are the roadmap to get you there.

Portrait of a woman holding a package in front of delivery van.
Research & Analyst Report

Driver Views from the Last Mile

Delivery drivers and how they see the job – an insider view of the post and parcel service.

Best Practice Guide

Effective Ways Retailers Can Build Trust to Thrive Now and Beyond

With inflation rocketing in markets across the globe, here are a few innovative ways retailers can protect consumers from rising prices and build trust.


Technological Innovation in the Last Mile – Ebook

In this guide, Samsung and Scandit explore why ruggedised smartphones, rather than dedicated scanning devices, are a smart move for enterprises.


Stay Ahead in Delivery and Logistics with Smart Data Capture

Explore why putting the right data in the right hands is a path to unlock digital potential, navigate disruption and create differentiation for retailers.


Smarter In-Store Shopping with Scandit Augmented Reality (AR)

See how Scandit Augmented Reality can bring the benefits of online shopping to physical stores with offers, reviews and more.


Activating Employee Superpower: Counting Speed

Counting inventory or received goods is one of the most tedious tasks in retail for workers – so help them do it 10x faster counting with guaranteed accuarcy with Scandit MatrixScan Count.