SparkScan is a smartphone barcode scanner that combines Scandit’s unmatched speed and accuracy with a pre-built user interface for out‑of‑the‑box integration.


Fast Smartphone Scanning

Every detail designed for workers whose jobs require rapid, repetitive scanning.

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Ergonomic Design

Just point and scan. Scan from any angle with no need to rely on a screen for aiming.


Up and Running in Minutes

Fits on top of any application. Out-of-the-box integration ready with a few lines of code.


Frictionless Smartphone Scanning

We’ve obsessed over every detail of the smartphone barcode scanning user experience – so you don’t have to.

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Aim and Trigger Fast

  • Stop relying on the screen to target barcodes.
  • Aim quickly using the device itself, keeping your eyes on the objects you’re picking, moving or counting.
  • Trigger instantly with large, ergonomic trigger button.
  • Hold the smartphone one-handed and at any angle.

Maximize Scanning Efficiency

  • Scan barcodes that are high up or low down with no physical effort.
  • Scan successive items at high speed with a single press of the trigger button.
  • Tailor scan settings to suit user preferences and workflow needs.


Floats on Top of Any Native App

Add SparkScan to any native app with just a few lines of code.

  • Pre-built barcode scanner interface layer floats on top of your existing interface, without requiring app redesign or customization.
  • Runs on iOS and Android, including low-end models.
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Enterprise-Level Success

Whether you’re evaluating, integrating, or rolling out a smartphone barcode scanner, our Enterprise Success Team has supported hundreds of companies in integrating the Scandit Smart Data Capture Platform.

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Flexible, Future-Proof Scanning

Transform workflows, automate processes and reduce total cost of ownership by replacing dedicated devices with smartphone barcode scanning.

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Automate shelf management and order fulfillment.

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Post, Parcel & Express

Fast-track workflows and rapidly scale operations by optimizing loading and PUDO.

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Air Travel

Streamline passenger processing with instant baggage search.

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Make operations more efficient and eliminate errors by automating inventory management.

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Field Service

Speed up inventory counts and quickly identify parts to improve first-time fix rates.

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Mobile access to real-time digital records and better asset tracking.

See what could happen if you gave your workers smartphone barcode scanning superpowers.

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