Scandit-powered smart devices can unlock unparalleled efficiency and reduce errors for supply chain businesses and workers with smart data capture.

Empower Employees with Actionable Insights

Harness the power of smart data capture across your supply chain. Reshape how your people capture and access data, free them up from time-consuming manual tasks and provide real-time insights to boost productivity and satisfaction levels.

distribution operations

Drive Excellence in Distribution Operations

Ensure efficient, accurate and timely delivery of products

Step into the future of distribution operations with innovative smart data capture software.

  • Optimize every part of your distribution workflows for increased speed, accuracy and scalability.
  • Streamline scan-to-reorder processes, faster proof of delivery and multi-scan enabled stock takes.

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Seamless Supply
Chain Operations

It’s imperative for supply chain businesses to optimize their workflow processes for enhanced efficiency and productivity.


Head-to-Head: Smart Devices vs Slow Delivery Workflows

Explore how smart devices with advanced data capture software can transform every stage of the delivery process. The result?  Lower costs, increased productivity and future-proof operations.

We’ll show how to boost tasks like:

  • Loading the truck more efficiently
  • Locating the right pallets and packages at the right place and time
  • Handling proof of delivery accurately

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Supply Chain Insights & Resources

6 Big Challenges to Distribution Operations Efficiency

After speaking to our own clients, we reveal the six significant challenges for delivery operations that are impacting efficiency, speed, and accuracy.

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Case Study
Pilsner Urquell Case Study

Pilsner Urquell equipped delivery drivers with a Scandit-powered smartphone delivery app to replace the manual delivery recording. As a result, it improved distribution efficiency, while eliminating errors and saving drivers’ time and effort.

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