Award-winning AR solution enabling frontline workers and customers to find products, parcels or pallets instantly.


Faster order processing

Reduce manual searching, shorten training time and improve customer experience.

AR Overlay

Frictionless product discovery

Instantly highlight relevant products to employees and customers.


Augmented reality in minutes

Pre-built integration with inbuilt AR user interface that’s ready with a few lines of code.


Shift Searching to AR

Scan to highlight one product or parcel among many and take back the time employees and customers waste in tedious searching.

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MatrixScan Find in a grocery store


  • In-Store Order Picking: Find products on shelf and make picking errors almost impossible. Streamline picking, reduce onboarding time and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Order Assembly: Find and assemble customer orders to reduce waiting times at order pickup.
  • Self-Scanning: Find products on a shopping list on shelf to streamline customers’ in-store experience.
MatrixScan Find for transportation and logistics

Transport and Logistics

  • Last Mile Delivery: Find customers’ parcels at PUDO (pick up and drop off) points to reduce queues and make store associates’ jobs easier.
  • Air Travel: Find individual pieces of baggage to improve handling efficiency and reduce error.
  • Distribution Operations: Find the right parcel or pallet in a van or warehouse to streamline processes.


Matrixscan find app point at barcode to search

Pre-Built AR Search Experience

Quickly build an intuitive, delightful AR search experience with a pre-built integration that’s set up with a few lines of code.

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