Superpowers for Customers and Employees

We turn any smart device into a comprehensive data capture tool offering everything from optimized Scan & Go performance to AR-driven shelf management. And help transform the way customers and staff interact with the store.

Self Scanning

Build Flexible In-Store Order Fulfillment

Power the process end-to-end with smart data capture

Fast, efficient, and accurate in-store order fulfillment is more important than ever. Scandit provides you with the tools to achieve this.

  • Enable fast and accurate in-store picking
  • Enhance store associate productivity and satisfaction
  • Future-proof your operations with a flexible smart device

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Customer engagement

Captivating Mobile Shopping Experiences

Make your store the customer’s no.1 choice

Create a 1-to-1 relationship with shoppers and customers will choose your store every time. Here we show you how to:

  • Create a customized shopping experience for customers
  • Gamify store applications with augmented reality
  • Personalize in-store marketing

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Self Scanning in store

Reliable, High-Performance Self‑Scanning

Give customers contactless shopping with self‑scanning

For many consumers, Scan & Go is more than a way to shop on a smartphone. It influences whether to enter the store or walk away.

  • Unmatched scanning performance – even on damaged or challenging codes using low-end devices
  • Facilitate the journey with additional features like ID Scanning
  • Contactless shopping on the customer’s own device

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Stand Out Customer Service with Clienteling

Merge online convenience with a first class store experience

Turn your store associates into high-performance sales consultants. Don’t let the customer leave empty-handed.

  • Use the smartphone to achieve a superior user experience
  • Empower store associates with real-time information
  • Unlock new ways to assist customers

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store operations

Optimized Store Operations

Empower associates with their own data capture device

Store associates need to carry out many different roles around the store. A Scandit-powered smart device allows them to seamlessly switch jobs.

  • Multitask front-of-store tasks, from restocking to order picking
  • Speed up back-of-store tasks like shipping and receiving
  • Bring automation into your daily operational workflows

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One Device
Across Retail

2 of the top 5 global retailers trust Scandit

Our technology can enhance any store, from mainstream grocers to the latest experiential brand hub.

Grocery & Drugstore

Bring effortless convenience and smart data capture to your store

Empower store associates and excite grocery customers by utilizing the power and flexibility of the smartphone. 8 out of 10 top US grocers already use our data capture technology.

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Retail fashion industry

Fashion & Beauty

Make every customer feel like they had a VIP experience

Turn your fashion and beauty stores into experiential hubs. Bring e-commerce into the physical store environment with Scandit-powered smart devices.

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Retail Insights & Resources

Scale-up In-Store Order Fulfillment

Enable your store associates to fulfill orders directly, and customers to pick up orders safely with contactless proof‑of‑delivery. Our software is quick to deploy on company-owned or on employees’ own smart devices.

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The Best of Scan & Go

Here we collect some of the innovative Scan & Go apps we have helped build. So you can use these best-of-class examples to develop your own.

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