Retail Redefined, One Mobile Scan at a Time

From the shop floor to the back of house, turbo-charge your employee efficiency and delight your customers.

Affordable Innovation with High Impact

We help retailers automate end-to-end retail operations by moving routine processes and tasks onto mobile devices powered by our high-performance barcode scanning software. We also enable consumer self-scanning apps for self-checkout and Scan-and-Go shopping. Augmented reality (AR) feedback adds real-time information to users, blending digital technology with physical store environments.

Put Simplicity and Speed in the Hands of Your Workers

You’ll be amazed how fast and easy it is to do retail operations tasks like shelf management and stock control, using mobile scanning. The effect on efficiency and cost control is significant.

Capture Your Customers’ Imagination with Convenience

A great scan-and-go experience, instant access to product information and personalized promotions can bring a new level of engagement and convenience to shoppers in your retail aisles, boosting customer satisfaction and revenues.

Reduce Costs with Future-Proof Software Solutions

Replacing inflexible infrastructure with powerful mobile software solutions reduces hardware costs immediately. And new levels of efficiency and productivity go straight to the bottom line.

Delight customers and re-engineer retail operations with mobile-scanning in store, back of house and at home.

Browse the ways in which Scandit’s mobile computer vision and augmented reality (AR) software can help your customers and employees

In-Store Use Cases

Customers and employees love using mobile scanning with AR to interact with products. For customers it’s a time-saver with self-scanning and a tool to get product information or offers. For employees, it’s a way to perform regular operational tasks much more quickly.

In-Store use cases for Scandit
mobile point of sale

Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS)

Scandit technology enables fast and easy retail point-of-sale transactions on mobile devices. A barcode scanning-enabled mobile PoS solution cuts waiting times and reduces the costs of checkout infrastructure and staff.

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customer discussing with employee


Sales staff can serve customers better using a Scandit-enabled mobile scanning app. With a simple scan of a barcode, the employee accesses real-time information to give immediately to the customer. With no waiting time for the customer, the risk of losing a sale is reduced, and the customer enjoys a great personal service.

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scan barcode document from barcode

Click & Collect

No more time-consuming searches in the stock room. After scanning a barcode from a customer’s order, an employee simply hovers the Scandit-enabled device over a shelf of packages to see the correct item highlighted on the screen. It’s our patented MatrixScan AR that does this, significantly reducing order collection and customer waiting times.

scanning product with smartphone

In-store Picking

On-line shopping requires fast fulfillment, typically involving workers picking items for customers in stores or large warehouses. To search and find products quickly, pickers using Scandit MatrixScan AR on a smart device, scan many items in a single scan to identify the correct product from a shelf. The productivity gains from these time-savings can be significant.

using smartphone to check product price

Price Verification

Wrongly-priced labels on shelves are a potential revenue-loser and legal issue. Being able to instantly check pricing with a scan of a barcode, means human error on the shop floor can be virtually eliminated. The employee simply holds the Scandit-enabled smart device up to the shelf and the AR-feedback displays if the price is correct or not. Our MatrixScan AR feature recognises barcodes and alphanumeric codes.

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scanning driver licence

ID Verification

Sometimes the identity of people collecting orders needs to be checked. This is made simple with a mobile app that recognises barcodes and text, so employees can scan driving licences, passports and ID cards in an instant.

scanning barcode

Shelf Management

In a single scan along a display shelf, employees can capture barcode data for all products and view information using augmented reality (AR) to create aisle maps, identify markdowns, check stock, verify prices and ensure planogram compliance.

Scandit - Self Scanning and Checkout

Self-scanning & Self-checkout

Some customers want to Scan-and-Go without waiting in check-out lines. With a Scandit-enabled self-scanning app, shoppers scan products and check-out in their own time with their own smart device or at a self-check-out terminal. This e-commerce style experience in retail aisles also helps retailers maximize floor space and staff productivity.

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product offers on smarphone screen

Rewards & Coupons

Many retailers use personalized rewards and coupons to maximise upselling opportunities and build brand loyalty. Imagine presenting these special offers to shoppers using an augmented reality (AR)-overlay in a user-friendly mobile app, during shopping trips. It’s a delightful experience.

qr code on clothes

Augmented Product Information

Shoppers online are used to having all the product information they want at their fingertips, such as reviews, ingredients, allergen & nutritional details or stock availability. Retailers can offer the same convenience in-store by providing a mobile shopping app with augmented reality (AR) that displays information just by scanning a barcode.

Back-of-House Use Cases

Digitalization behind the scenes is a must to boost operational efficiency.  Scandit barcode scanning and AR-overlays are really simple to use and cut the time employees need to do inventory management and receive, sort & find goods. By replacing traditional scanners with software solutions, TCO (total cost of ownership) can be cut by as much as two-thirds  – and that’s on top of the efficiency and flexibility gains.

Back of House
scanning products

Search & Find

It can take a lot of time for employees to locate a specific item from a shelf or pile of packages in a packed stock-room. When a smart device using Scandit MatrixScan AR is hovered over stock items, the AR-overlay instantly highlights the correct items on the screen. It’s an easy-to-use and hugely time-saving tool for busy staff.

multiple barcode scanning

Shipping & Receiving

Cutting time taken for regular tasks like shipping and receiving, quickly adds up to faster operations. Warehouse staff need to identify and sort orders fast and a shipping and receiving app powered by MatrixScan and loaded on a smart device, does this in seconds. The worker simply hovers the device over items to see real-time information displayed on the screen.

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scanning multiple barcodes

Stock Taking & Inventory Management

Accurate inventory management along the retail supply chain is fundamental to effective retail operations. With a simple smartphone, employees capture barcodes from multiple items on a shelf in a single scan with 100% accuracy, and view real-time stock information on the device screen - such as identifying damaged or missing items on the receiving dock. It’s done with MatrixScan AR connected to the retailer’s back-end data platform.

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At Home Use Cases

Stay connected with customers around the clock at home or on-the-go. With an easy-to-use barcode-enabled scanning app, customers can read product reviews, buy products instantly and arrange for in-store pick up or home delivery.

At Home
online shopping

Mobile Shopping

At home or on the go, Scandit technology enables customers to use a mobile shopping app to scan barcodes on products, buy them instantly, and arrange for in-store pick-up or delivery. Establishing this strong digital engagement in the home creates more engaging and memorable shopping experiences.

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scanning barcode from product

Augmented Product Information

With a mobile shopping app using augmented reality (AR), customers scan barcodes on products and view real-time information such as reviews, demonstrations and product specifications on the smartphone or tablet.

people shopping

With the introduction of smartphones and MatrixScan, we are taking a big step forward in further digitizing our process. Scandit gives us a future-proof solution for barcode scanning that is easy to use, fast and very efficient.

Rafal Hartzhorne

Omnichannel Transformation Lead, Clarks

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