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Redefine Omnichannel

Capturing customer data and leveraging it for competitive advantage is critical to profitability and growth.

Scandit delivers the technology you need to optimize the customer experience and increase revenue in your retail enterprise.

Reinvent Store Operations

Driving down costs and increasing efficiency are imperative to competing successfully in retail.

Deploy low-cost, easy-to-use smart devices to achieve peak operational efficiency in your warehouses, distribution centers, and retail locations.

Deliver Rapid Innovation

You can leverage data capture technology to help your organization achieve its business goals.

Develop mission-critical data capture solutions with Scandit that will make an immediate impact on your company’s bottom line.

Compete like Amazon by thinking like Amazon.

Learn how to transform brick-and-mortar retail using mobile barcode, text, and object recognition technology and augmented reality.

Transform Your Retail Ecosystem.

Create value across the entire retail ecosystem in consumer-facing interactions, in-store experiences, and back-of-the-house/supply chain.

Featured Retail Use Cases

Top retail brands trust Scandit.

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