Order fulfillment overview

Stress-free Fulfillment

Stores - and their order pickers - increasingly need to deal with online orders with shorter lead times. Scandit’s intelligent data capture software for smart devices enables stores to improve order fulfillment rates.

order fulfillment instore picking

In-Store Picking

Order pickers need a reliable device that can scan quickly and accurately. A Scandit-powered smartphone does more than this - it offers a superior user experience that is tailored to the task.

  • Reliability you can trust with fast, accurate scanning
  • A superior and familiar user experience
  • Our SDK is optimized to pick 1600 items in an 8-hour shift
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Barcode Scanning

order fulfillment destaging


Employees can use Scandit’s MatrixScan Augmented Reality (AR) to instantly audit the destaging area. Simply scan the shelf and the orders that need follow up are highlighted on the device’s screen.

  • Read multiple barcodes at once with MatrixScan
  • Scan an EAN or UPC code up to 8 feet away
  • Haptic feedback indicates a correct scan in a noisy environment
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order fulfillment pickup

Order Pickup

Ship from Store is now a key omnichannel offering. A store associate can instantly pick out a customer’s purchase in the collection zone with a Scandit-powered smart device.

  • Quickly locate products with augmented reality and MatrixScan
  • Smart devices can be scaled up (or down) without needing to be shared
  • In-store order fulfillment is faster with high-performance scanning
  • ID Scanning from a wide variety of documents for age verification
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“COVID-19 created an unprecedented surge in demand. We needed a scanning solution to keep customers and contractors safe. Scandit’s fast, accurate, intuitive scanning means little training is needed for quick, contactless order picking”Chace Burnette, Principal Engineer at Shipt