Turn your Smartphone into a Barcode Scanner

Think Smartphone-based barcode scanners are slow? Think again

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Get Unmatched Scan Speed and Accuracy

Our software-based data capture engine leverages the computing power of mobile devices to provide the highest scanning speed and accuracy in the industry. It gives dedicated barcode scanners a run for their money.

Barcode Scanning Software Solutions from Scandit

The Scandit data capture engine can be integrated into virtually any existing IT environment by leveraging a variety of integration options:

Add Scanning to Native Apps
Add Scanning to Websites

Have a mobile app you want to add scanning to? Try the Barcode Scanner SDK for mobile applications, including support for various popular mobile app development platforms.

Our Keyboard Wedge is designed for use with enterprise platforms and corresponding mobile apps such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce or legacy apps. No integration needed.

Open your web-based applications in the Enterprise Browser and start scanning barcodes into any web-based enterprise application. No integration needed.

Use our Barcode Scanner SDK for the Web for scanning in the browser or for e-commerce platforms such as SAP/hybris, Magento and Demandware. No app needed.

Integrate Computer Vision into Any Environment

Add computer vision functionality to any enterprise architecture by leveraging a variety of integration options with or without the need for development.

The Scandit Case

Replicate a traditional scanning experience without the need for additional components by enabling point-to-scan functionality, all while protecting your smartphone.

Barcode Scanner SDK for OEM Devices

Combine the Scandit barcode scanning software with off the shelf camera modules to achieve enterprise-grade barcode scanning. No need to purchase expensive Hardware OEM Scan Engines.

Barcode Scanning Software Solutions in Action

Matrix Scan and Text Recognition (OCR)

Our MatrixScan feature allows the capture of an entire set of barcodes in a single sequence. The optical character recognition (OCR) functionality lets you capture alphanumeric data quickly and reliably.

Empower Your Workforce with Augmented Reality

Enhance the real world with actionable information to help your employees do their jobs faster and your customers to make better decisions.

Relentless Innovation – Drones, High-Speed & Smart Glasses

Whether scanning with drones, digital eyewear or robots, Scandit’s barcode reading technology is helping future-proof data capture. We are revolutionizing the way smart devices capture data in hundreds of business applications.


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