Top Scanning Performance on
Smart Devices

Unmatched speed, accuracy and intelligence with smart data capture.

Turn Smart Devices into Powerful Barcode and Text Scanners

The Scandit Smart Data Capture platform enables smart devices to interact with everyday items by capturing data from barcodes, text, IDs and objects. Processes are automated and actionable insights are delivered in real-time, including via Augmented Reality (AR) overlays.

Our patented scanning technology can be integrated into virtually any workflow running on a camera-equipped smart device, like smartphones, drones, digital eyewear and robots. The platform enables market-leading scan speeds and accuracy and is scalable to support large implementations.

Barcode Scanning

Combining high-performance barcode scanning software with a mobile device adds a new level of speed and efficiency to workflows across the many industries that use barcodes.

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Text Recognition (OCR)

Optical character recognition (OCR) added to a smart device instantly reads alphanumeric text on items such as passports & ID cards, VIN codes in automotive, LOT or REF codes in healthcare or manufacturing.


Augmented Reality (AR) Overlay

Information is displayed on the device screen with an AR-overlay. The data source can be anything from product or delivery details to flight information, stock counts or patient verification.


Integrate Scandit into Any IT Environment

We offer different options for how to add Scandit functionality to any enterprise architecture, for native apps and web apps, with or without the need for Integration. Our software works on a variety of operating systems, frameworks and 3rd party systems and we offer specialist technical support for developers with a range of support and analytics options during live service.

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Scanning on Drones, Robots and Wearables

We continue to revolutionize the way smart devices capture and display data, and we can already deploy our technology on drones, robots and wearables, as well as custom OEM devices. Technological innovation is part of our DNA, driving constant development of new products with new and emerging technologies such as augmented reality and machine learning. Our customers enjoy this ‘innovation partnership’ that helps them future-proof their own businesses.

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Drones, Robots and Wearables

Scandit software can be integrated into drones, digital eyewear and robots, opening-up dramatically new possibilities for many operations scenarios.

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OEM Devices

Add Scandit software to off-the-shelf camera modules. Integration is straightforward and there’s no need to purchase expensive hardware OEM scan engines.

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Who Uses Smart Data Capture?

Read on for a rundown of the industries and use cases that Scandit supports.