Enterprise-Grade Scanning on Smart Devices

Mobile Computer Vision and Augmented Reality (AR) Software Solutions

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Turn Smart Devices into Powerful Barcode and Text Scanners Displaying Real-time Information with AR-Overlays

Scandit mobile computer vision software brings unrivaled scanning performance to any app on any smart device, turning it into a powerful data-capture tool.

Our patented scanning technology can be integrated into virtually any app running on a camera-equipped smart device. The software is designed for enterprise-grade use with market-leading scan speeds and accuracy and is scalable to support large implementations.

Special Features You’ll Want To Know About


Capture an entire set of barcodes in a single sequence – an amazing time-saver.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Overlay digital information to the image of the real world on the device screen. This could be showing employees stock levels of products in a retail aisle, or product reviews for shoppers while they have the item in their hands. This blending of the physical and digital worlds brings real operational benefits as well as superior user-experiences.

Text Recognition (OCR)

Capture alphanumeric data and combine this with barcode scanning when needed.


The Scandit Case

Replicate a traditional point-to-scan user experience with this protective case for smartphones.

Relentless Innovation – Drones, Robots & Smart Glasses

We continue to revolutionize the way smart devices capture and display data in hundreds of business applications, combining new and emerging technologies such as augmented reality and machine learning. For example, our software can already be integrated into drones, digital eyewear and robots.


Barcode Scanner SDK for OEM Devices

Integrate Scandit software to off-the-shelf camera modules to achieve enterprise-grade barcode scanning. There’s no need to purchase expensive hardware OEM scan engines and integration is straightforward.

Integrate Mobile Computer Vision into Any IT Environment

Add Scandit functionality to any enterprise architecture by selecting from these four integration options with or without the need for development. Our software works on a variety of operating systems, frameworks and 3rd party systems including: iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Xamarin, Cordova, React Native, IBM MobileFirst, SAP Fiori, Oracle Xstore and more.

We offer specialist technical support for developers during implementation phases and a range of support and analytics options during live service.

Add Scanning to Native Apps

Add Scanning to Websites

Barcode Scanner SDK

Add enterprise-grade barcode scanning to your mobile app. Supports most development platforms.

Keyboard Wedge

Designed for use with enterprise platforms and corresponding mobile apps such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce or legacy apps. No integration needed.

Enterprise Browser

Open your web-based applications in the Enterprise Browser and start scanning barcodes into any web-based enterprise application. No integration needed.

SDK for the Web

For scanning in the browser or for e-commerce platforms such as SAP/hybris, Magento and Demandware. No app needed.


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