Unmatched Speed, Accuracy and Intelligence

The Scandit Smart Data Capture Platform is the foundation on which we build data capture solutions that give superpowers to workers, consumers and businesses.

Core Data Capture Capabilities

Scan with Unmatched Speed and Accuracy

Our core computer vision capabilities are the foundation of all our smart data capture solutions. We read barcodes, text, images and ID documents.

Smart Enablers

Unlock Greater Value with Real-time Intelligence

Shift tedious work, upskill workers and engage consumers with batch scanning, adaptive scanning and augmented reality.

SparkScan ergonomic scanner retail


Fast, ergonomic scanning for smartphones. SparkScan combines Scandit’s unmatched barcode scanning speed and accuracy with a pre-built smartphone user interface for out-of-the-box integration.

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matrixscan count back of house

MatrixScan Count

Out-of-the-box solution for lightning-fast, intuitive and error-proof counting in receiving and inventory. Built-in augmented reality interface enables deployment at speed and scale.

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click collect retail

MatrixScan Augmented Reality

Blend physical and digital worlds by combining mobile barcode scanning technology, text recognition and augmented reality (AR) to turn smart devices into powerful data capture and visual display solutions.

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Analytics & Execution

Aggregate and Process Data at Scale

Ready to connect all the dots? Smart data capture solutions that process data from multiple sources and provide actionable insights.



Cloud-based analytics and data capture solution for retail shelf management that requires no additional infrastructure. Make pricing and promotion execution, replenishment and order picking more efficient.

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Integrate Into Any Smart Device, Any IT Environment

Add smart data capture solutions to any smart device or enterprise architecture, for native apps and web apps, with or without the need for integration. Our software works on a variety of operating systems, frameworks and 3rd party systems and we offer specialist technical support for developers with a range of support and analytics options during live service.


Smart Data Capture Solutions in Action

See how smart data capture enables better real-time decision-making, automates workflows at scale, and enhances engagement.

retail icon


Automate shelf management, order fulfillment and identification. Transform CX with personalized mobile shopping.

post parcel express icon

Post, Parcel & Express

Fast-track workflows and rapidly scale operations by optimizing loading, search-and-find, automatic identification and PUDO.

air travel icon

Air Travel

Mobilize workflows to deliver superior customer service – optimize check-in, add efficiency to passenger management.

icon manufacturing


Streamline operations and eliminate errors by automating reordering, inventory management and parts tracking.

field service icon

Field Service

Speed up inventory counts and quickly identify the right part out of many to improve first-time fix rates.

healthcare icon


Make swift work of processes like verifying patient details and medication and tracking medical supplies on the go.

enterprise success

Enterprise-Level Success

Scandit’s dedicated Enterprise Success Team has supported hundreds of companies from evaluation of smart data capture solutions through to integration, rollout and operation.

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