ShelfView shelf management software is a ready-to-scale smart data capture and retail shelf analytics solution. It empowers more intelligent and efficient store operations for inventory localization and execution of prices and promotions.

How ShelfView Transforms Retail Shelf Management

ShelfView phone reprint label

Price, Promotion and Label Execution

Manually updating pricing and promotions is time-consuming. ShelfView decodes the SKU barcode and text on price labels, then compares these to correct ERP system prices. Store associates are given real-time guidance on updates with an intuitive augmented-reality overlay. Managers see a holistic view of price compliance.

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ShelfView Location

Inventory Localization

Know in real-time what products are on the shelves of your store to make replenishment more efficient, streamline in-store order picking and improve customer experience. ShelfView combines barcode, text and advanced object recognition for constant retail shelf monitoring and localized inventory.

How ShelfView Benefits Retailers

operational efficiency

Boost Operational Efficiency

Improve pricing and promotion execution, accelerate movement of inventory and streamline in-store order fulfillment workflows.

reduce errors

Reduce Errors

Upskill staff with accurate, real-time data about in-store inventory, empowering them to correct store-level issues before they affect sales.

employee experience

Improve Employee Experience

Shift time-consuming, tedious retail shelf management tasks from staff to technology, making jobs more rewarding and mitigating labor shortages.

customer journeys

Make Customer Journeys Seamless

Ensure every item of your inventory is accurately placed, priced, promoted and picked for frictionless customer journeys.

Scale With No Additional Infrastructure

Autonomous scanning

Autonomous Floor Scrubbers

ShelfView works with Brain Corporation’s BrainOS® AI platform. The Inventory Scan accessory for autonomous floor scrubbers enables consistent, accurate and cost-effective retail shelf monitoring.

shelf scanning mobile device

Mobile Devices

Use the devices your workers already have in their hands. Effortlessly automate retail shelf management by turning any smart device with a camera into a powerful smart data capture solution and visual display tool.

How it Works

Our shelf management software is underpinned by the accuracy and speed of Scandit’s core computer vision capabilities for scanning barcodes, text and objects.


1. Data Capture

Constantly capture rich, accurate shelf data via mobile devices or autonomous floor scrubbers.


2. Processing

AI-based retail shelf analytics compare multiple layers of data (price labels, barcodes, objects) to system data.

AR overlay

3. Actionable Insights

Real-time product and store-level insights and actionable tasks are delivered via dashboards on smart devices.


shelfview integration

Flexible Integration of Smart Data Capture

  • ShelfView shelf management software runs on iOS, Android and BrainOS®
  • Works on most operating systems, frameworks and 3rd party systems
  • Cloud-based technology
  • APIs seamlessly integrate shelf analytics data into your existing backend operations systems.

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* Scandit Services include data processing services that itemize and catalog products and associated prices, services that provide information about consumer goods such as product or location information, and analytics and statistics services that analyze product inventory and product movement.

Enterprise-Level Success

Wondering how to integrate our shelf management software into your back-end systems? How do you ensure your unique price labels can be scanned? Want to run tests to establish pricing error rates? Our experienced Enterprise-Level Success team supports you at every stage of your ShelfView integration.


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