ShelfView - Keeping Track of Your Shelves

A smart data capture and analytics solution for retail shelf management.

Store-Level Intelligence for Improved Retail Execution

ShelfView is a smart data capture and analytics platform that hands superpowers to your store and staff. It enables constant shelf visibility and empowers more intelligent and efficient store operations. Our solution monitors store shelves through either mobile devices or autonomous floor scrubbers. Retailers can scale ShelfView without adding additional infrastructure to create a cost efficient, accurate shelf management solution.

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Effortless Automation

ShelfView leverages existing infrastructure to deliver actionable insights.


ShelfView is simple and fast to implement chain-wide.

Industry Leading Performance

ShelfView is underpinned by Scandit Smart Data Capture and object recognition technology.

How ShelfView Transforms Shelf Management

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Accurate Prices and Promotions

Stores contain 1000s of SKUs. Store associates must keep prices and promotions up to date. ShelfView saves time and drives sales lift by analyzing price labels and promotion displays – using mobile devices or autonomous floor scrubbers – to provide real-time notifications on what needs to be fixed.

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Maximized Inventory Accuracy

Scanning shelves with autonomous floor scrubbers provides consistent and accurate inventory localization. It speeds up replenishment and frees store associates up from searching for misplaced products, while providing a significant cost reduction and improved productivity.

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Frictionless In-store Order Picking

ShelfView provides accurate product localization for faster in-store order fulfillment workflows. Direct store associates to the correct products to increase order picking efficiency. The result? Lower substitution rates and happier customers.

How ShelfView Benefits Retailers

Boost Operational Efficiencies and Reduce Costs

Ensure accurate pricing and promotion, accelerate the movement of inventory and increase the efficiency of in-store order fulfillment workflows. ShelfView increases the productivity of store associates by enabling them to quickly locate products or verify pricing and promotions.

Get Actionable Intelligence and Reduce Errors

ShelfView delivers near real-time and accurate data about in-store inventory to drive efficient shelf management and in-store order fulfillment workflows. Enable store associates to correct store level issues before they affect sales.

Free Up Staff for Critical Tasks

Our hybrid approach to smart data capture – via mobile devices and autonomous floor scrubbers – enables retailers to expand their workforce by reducing or removing repetitive tasks from staff. Give back time to employees to focus on value adding tasks, like assisting customers.

Improve Customer Experience

Accurately placed, priced, and promoted inventory is essential to the in-store and online customer experience. Continuous and accurate shelf scanning is vital to ensure a frictionless customer journey, particularly in today’s omnichannel world.

Track Your Shelves With No Additional Infrastructure

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Autonomous Floor Scrubbers

ShelfView works with Brain Corporation’s BrainOS® AI platform to deliver an easily scalable, accessible and cost-efficient way to automate the collection of data. Utilizing a multi-purpose design, Inventory Scan is a powerful new accessory that can be fitted to autonomous floor scrubbers to autonomously scan key details on in-store inventory.

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Mobile Devices

Leverage your existing mobile devices to save store associate time spent chasing down incorrect price and promotion information. With ShelfView’s mobile AR tools, store associates can complete tasks like price and promotion label execution faster, and with greater accuracy.

How ShelfView Helps Retailers Connect the Dots

  • ShelfView is a cloud-based technology that can process and analyze data at scale by leveraging augmented reality, object recognition, object identification, and OCR.
  • Empowered with actionable data at the shelf level, store associates can optimize shelf execution by correcting price labels in a timely manner and identifying the changed product location to enable faster in-store order fulfillment and replenishment.
  • ShelfView’s intelligence data is accessible through APIs to seamlessly integrate into your backend operations systems.

* Scandit Services include data processing services that itemize and catalogue products and associated prices, services that provide information about consumer goods such as product or location information, and analytics and statistics services that analyze product inventory and product movement.

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