Barcode Scanning on Smart Devices

Scandit Barcode scanning software turns smart devices into high performance and cost-efficient enterprise-grade data capture tools.

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Think Smartphone-Based Scanning is No Good? Think Again.

Combine high-performing barcode scanning software with mobile devices, and you add a level of flexibility, speed and simplicity which transforms workflows and processes.

Up to now, barcodes have primarily been captured using highly effective dedicated scanning devices, with the associated investment in hardware and maintenance. But you can now move to a user-friendly and simple software-based solution on lower-cost smart devices, which customers and employees love to use.


Scandit barcode scanning is typically x3 lower cost than dedicated scanners


Scandit enables >30M barcode scans / day


Scandit is the preferred mobile barcode scan provider of the industry standards body, GS1

The Best-Performing Mobile Barcode Scanning Software in the Business

Whether your app is used by customers or employees, you want to be absolutely confident it’s going to work first time, every time. To maximize adoption, the user experience needs to be fantastic, with ‘first-time friction’ minimized. So scanning must work in bad light, with damaged labels, unusual barcodes and with all mobile device types. We regularly have customers that test Scandit barcode scanner software against other commercial or open source solutions and come to us.

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scan at unmatched speed

Unmatched Speed

scan tough codes

Tough Codes

scan from wide angles

Wide Angles

scanning from long distance

Long Distance

Scanning low light barcodes with Scandit

Low Light

scandit all mobile devices

All Mobile Device Types

Need to Scan More Than One Barcode at a Time?

Most workflows function well with single barcode scanning, but sometimes being able to scan multiple barcodes in a single sequence, brings significant time savings.

MatrixScan locates, tracks and decodes multiple barcodes, adding visual feedback to indicate which ones have been scanned. The user simply hovers the smart device over the barcodes to capture an entire set in a single sequence. It’s a big time-saver with tasks like stock counts, shipping & receiving or capturing multi-code labels.

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Add Barcode Scanning into Any IT Environment

Add Scandit functionality to any enterprise architecture with our software development kit (SDK). Works on a variety of operating systems, frameworks, 3rd party systems and OEM devices including iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Xamarin, Cordova, React Native, IBM MobileFirst, SAP Fiori, Oracle Xstore.
We offer specialist technical support for developers and support and analytics options during live service.

Add Scandit to Native Mobile Apps

Add Scandit to Web Apps

Native App icon

Barcode Scanner SDK

Integrate Scandit’s barcode scanning software to mobile apps. Supports most development platforms and OEM devices.

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Keyboard Wedge icon

Keyboard Wedge

No integration needed. Add a scanning keyboard to any smart device. For enterprise platforms & mobile apps like SAP, Oracle, Salesforce or legacy apps.

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Enterprise Browser icon

Enterprise Browser

No integration needed. Use the Enterprise Browser to open web-based enterprise applications and then start scanning barcodes into the applications.

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Web SDK icon

SDK for the Web

Integrate scanning into the browser or e-commerce platforms such as SAP/hybris, Magento and Demandware.

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Who Uses Mobile Barcode Scanning?

Retailers choose Scandit mobile scanning to power customer and employee apps for Self-Scanning Shopping, Inventory Management and more to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

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Workers in hospitals, pharma logistics and social care need constant access to real-time information about patients, medication and supplies to improve patient care. Scandit supports tasks like patient verification and medication tracking.

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Every minute counts in the delivery business, particularly in the crucial Last Mile. Sorting, loading and delivering parcels is dramatically improved if workers carry Scandit-powered smart devices instead of bulky, costly dedicated scanners.

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barcode scanning on field

When Field Technicians have the right part for the right customer on the right van, first-time fix rates shoot up. Scandit scanning solutions accelerate processes like parts tracking and van-loading and puts real-time information out in the field where it’s needed.

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Cost, efficiency and customer service are the main reasons Scandit is used in air travel. The ability to view passenger, baggage and flight information from a quick scan of a boarding pass or passport with a mobile device, is changing airport operations.

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From assembly line to warehouse to delivery, manufacturers are looking for razor sharp efficiency. Scandit scanning solutions drive operational improvements in processes like inventory management, asset tracking and shipping/receiving.

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Add More Functionality To Your Barcode Scanning

orc on smartphone

Text Recognition

Scandit OCR (optical character recognition) software delivers fast, reliable and accurate text scanning functionality to any native mobile application – and turns any smart device into a powerful OCR scanner.

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augmented reality for parcel status

Augmented Reality

AR-Overlay displays information after the scan, pulling from any data source, such as product or delivery information, flight status or stock counts.

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