Shift laborious counting from frontline workers to out-of-the-box, smart data capture software. Speed up receiving and inventory and cycle counting workflows by up to 10x while improving productivity, accuracy and worker experience.


Increase Productivity

Press a single button to scan multiple barcodes simultaneously.

AR Overlay

Make Accuracy Effortless

Intuitive real-time feedback using augmented reality makes maintaining accuracy effortless.


Deploy at Speed and Scale

Runs on iOS and select Android devices with minimal development time required.


Tackle Labor Shortages Head-on

Dramatically improve efficiency and worker experience in receiving, inventory count, stock taking and cycle counting workflows by automating your inventory management system.

matrixscan count retail


  • Maximize efficiency and productivity by automating inventory management in counting and receiving.
  • Minimize revenue loss from stock outs or overstocks by improving data accuracy.
  • Free up frontline workers to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

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matrixscan count back of house

Post, Parcel & Express

  • Reduce time pressures by streamlining receiving and distribution.
  • Improve real-time insights and enable automation of inventory management systems.
  • Mitigate labor shortages by increasing employee productivity and satisfaction.

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Data democratization tool being used on a smartphone to identify incorrect packages in a delivery

Out-of-the-Box Solution

Save months of development time by deploying our robust, expert-built interface.

  • Integrate quickly without having to do your own in-depth user testing.
  • AR overlay gives real-time insights and guidance at every point of the workflow.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-learn interface, even for first-time users.
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Enterprise-Level Success

Whether you’re evaluating, integrating, or rolling out, our Enterprise Success Team has supported hundreds of companies in integrating smart data capture.

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See what could happen if you gave your workers counting superpowers.

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