Post and Parcel Scanning Solutions

With Scandit, drivers gain superpowers to effortlessly complete any delivery task using smart devices with unmatched scanning and augmented reality (AR) capabilities. From the depot to the doorstep, take out time and costs out to scale the last mile.

driver operations

Turbocharge Driver Operations

One smart data capture device to deliver in full, on‑time, everytime

Add speed, flexibility and intelligence to delivery workflows by using Scandit-powered devices to create future-proof, scalable driver operations.

  • Enable anyone to perform any task with their own device
  • Optimize sorting and van loading with augmented reality
  • Compliantly capture proof of delivery and verify age

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pudo operations

Streamlined and Sustainable PUDO Operations

Power Pick Up and Drop Off (PUDO) locations with fast, cost‑effective and flexible smart devices

Cut out the last mile. Deploy flexible scanning and AR-enabled smart devices for workers to pick up, drop off and hand over packages faster, at any location.

  • High performance scanning for all pickups and returns
  • AR instructions add superspeed to parcel search and find
  • Scan IDs to ensure delivery to the right person

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The Last Mile Evolution

Delivery businesses need superpowers to cope with the perfect storm of challenges and change. We help you deliver with unmatched speed, accuracy and intelligence.

Loading Van Gig Economy

Mobilizing the Last Mile: BYOD or COPE?

To truly maximize the benefits of smartphones in post and parcel scanning solutions, identify the best-fit deployment strategy for your business:

  • Bring your own device (BYOD): Keep costs down and let drivers use their own familiar devices
  • Company-owned, personally enabled (COPE): Create a consistent user experience, optimized for your operations

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hardware software scanning

Time to Switch: Hardware vs. Software

Scanning-enabled smart devices are replacing handheld scanners as the de facto devices for last mile workflows, from the depot to the doorstep.

  • See how the right technology is transformative
  • More flexible, yet more affordable
  • Boost employee satisfaction with innovation

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post parcel delivery

Scaling Operations for Any Peak

Get ahead of the next peak with a post and parcel scanning solution that seamlessly scales with demand fluctuations:

  • Effortlessly tackle seasonal and unplanned peaks
  • No need to invest in a stock of inflexible, expensive hardware
  • Leverage the gig economy for ultimate flexibility

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Last Mile Insights & Resources

New Research: State of the Parcel & Post Industry

Scandit research reveals the state of the global parcel and post industry as 1,200 delivery drivers share their views on workloads, pressures and the technology they use to do their jobs.

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