Sprint the Last Mile in Post, Parcel & Express

Mobile computer vision-enabled smart devices perform where traditional scanners cannot.

Redefine Distribution

Mobile computer vision and image recognition technology provide the efficiency and accuracy to ensure all parcels and packages are properly accounted for, sorted correctly, and loaded for delivery in the correct vehicles.

Reinvent Delivery

Barcode, text and object recognition functionality enables drivers with smart devices to instantly verify that parcels and packages are correctly delivered to the right destination within the designated time frame, in full and without damage.

Refine Pickup and Dropoff

Mobile computer vision enables Post and Parcel enterprises to control the flow of parcels to and from customer touchpoints such as local outlets or retail partner sites like gas stations, convenience stores, secure lockers, or third-party service providers.

Sprint the Last Mile with Mobile Computer Vision and Augmented Reality

Learn how Scandit mobile computer vision turns low-cost smart devices into powerful machines that drive efficiency and create the flexible, dynamic workforce required by Post and Parcel enterprises.

Scandit Use Cases for the Post, Parcel & Express Industry.

The Last Mile is where the e-commerce supply chain touches the end customer. ‘Winning’ the Last Mile with digital optimization is absolutely crucial to e-commerce success.

  • Loading
  • Identifying Special Parcels
  • Sorting
  • Streamline Proof of Delivery
  • Driver Search and Find
  • Digital Parcel Status Check
  • Depot Search & Find
  • Remote Pickup at Third-Party Locations
  • Undelivered Parcel Sorting

Top Post, Parcel & Express Brands Trust Scandit.

As the pace of digital change is accelerating daily, Last Mile delivery companies will need to leverage digital solutions to remain relevant and competitive in a fast-changing market.

Brody Buhler

Post and Parcel Lead at Accenture

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