Contactless Air Travel

Tackle the new safety challenges with smartphone based-scanning to protect passengers and staff.

Uncertain Times Create the Need for Rapid Digital Transformation

Airlines and airports need both immediate and longer-term solutions that prioritize people’s safety.

Scandit ID and barcode scanning software on smart devices is a fast and flexible way to make air travel safer and more contactless, while unlocking operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Make Passenger Check-in Contactless

Passenger Terminal Today found 71% of passengers say health is a greater priority than it was four months ago. Airlines must counter these concerns and reduce risk.

Scanning-enabled mobile apps on smartphones provide a rapid, accessible solution for automating and streamlining passenger journeys:

  • Self-scan passports to check-in from home with mobile apps or on the web. No spelling mistakes, no queues, no fuss.
  • Scan the boarding pass to contactlessly self-print luggage labels.
  • Use smartphones to access secure lounges or gates – no need to interact with staff.

Make Boarding Flights Contactless

New safety measures are transforming passenger air travel. Anything that helps disperse passengers and make staff interactions more distantanced or contactless is a must.

Deploying scanning-enabled smartphones to staff is one accessible solution. Efficiently complete boarding and passenger management with minimal contact, at distance and more safety.

With Scandit software on smart devices, agents can:

  • Safely scan boarding passes through plexi-glass barriers.
  • Perform boarding, seat changes or upgrades at a safe distance of 6ft/1.5 meters, without needing passengers to assemble.
Boarding Flights Contactless

Efficient Airport Operations at a Fraction of the Cost

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Simple to implement, quick to deploy

We offer different options for how to add Scandit functionality to any enterprise architecture, for native apps and web apps, with or without the need for Integration.

Our software works on a variety of operating systems, frameworks and 3rd party systems.

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Cost effective and future-proof innovation

Your employees will become more mobile and efficient. There is no need to invest in expensive fixed technology like podiums, PCs, scanners and monitors.

We provide a platform for innovations, like boosting efficiency with augmented reality.

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In this infographic we show how Scandit ID and barcode scanning software on smart devices is a fast and flexible way to add safety and reduce contact, while unlocking new operational efficiency and flexibility.

Alaska Airlines - Case Study

Alaska Airlines has integrated Scandit barcode scanning and text recognition (OCR) into iPad Mini used by gate agents, so they can scan passengers’ boarding passes and passports away from the boarding gate to facilitate efficient flight boarding.

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SAS Upgrades Airport Operations with Scandit-Powered Ground Handling App.