An Insider View of the Last Mile From 1,200 Delivery Drivers

How do delivery drivers see the last mile? These reports, videos, and infographics provide the answer. They also provide an essential insight for last-mile businesses seeking to understand their drivers and the technology they use.

Delivery Driver Technology in the Last Mile Report

What is the most commonly used device in the last mile? What features would they like in a device? What would they change in their current one? The answers we received are crucial for any last-mile businesses making technology choices for today and tomorrow. Plus, there is focused insight on the US and EMEA.

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Delivery Drivers in the Last Mile Report

Drivers are the lifeblood of the last mile, offering an unparalleled perspective. But who are they, what do they like (and dislike) about the role, and how do they compare worldwide? Here, we reveal that delivery drivers have a surprising amount in common. Go here for our focused US and EMEA reports.

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Delivery Driver Challenges in the Last Mile

In this report, we focus on the main stress point for drivers. Difficult-to-access addresses and bad weather were on the list. Even angry pets came up. However, there was a clear winner around the globe. Look at the report to find out what it is and how to beat it.

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