Stress Points, Delivery Targets, and What Makes Drivers Happy

Drivers are at the heart of the last mile and have a unique vantage point. So we surveyed 1,200 across 11 countries to hear it. We asked them:

  • What is the most stressful part of the job? Options included rising expectations, traffic, rude customers, and even customers’ pets.
  • How many deliveries do they make in an hour? We uncover the top issue that impacts different drivers in each country.
  • What do they love about the job? Is it the freedom, the employer, or just making the customer happy?
Preview the report here:

What the Report Covers

Problems delivery drivers face during the day

We asked drivers for the top 3 stress points they face during a shift. We reveal the top one and how it affects delivery numbers.

Driver workflow challenges

While some issues are unavoidable others can be reduced with technological solutions. Here we focus on what they are.

Unlocking job satisfaction for delivery drivers

What are the rewarding parts of the job? There is one relationship that is key to the driver happiness, which is also important for companies.

Delivery Driver Challenges Last Mile Report

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