Advancing Patient Care One Scan at a Time

Enhance efficiency and gain greater control of patient care processes with low-cost smart devices equipped with Scandit mobile computer vision solutions.

Mobile Digitalization with Smart Devices

Smart devices are more omnipresent, easier to handle, and more familiar to use than traditional scanning devices. Consumer smart devices equipped with Scandit software enable higher level of digitalization while empowering caregivers to be more mobile.

Augment Information to Improve Care Quality

Augmented reality enables health care professionals to access critical information about medication, patient histories, lab workups or any asset in the most usable form. This dramatically reduces errors in these processes, increases patient safety and ensures the highest quality of care.

Get More Efficient with Multiscanning

Mobile computer vision-powered apps enable users to scan multiple barcodes in a single instance. Scandit software delivers error-free, enterprise-grade mobile scanning of 1D and 2D barcodes and other symbologies, bringing more speed and efficiency to the process.

Scandit Use Cases for the Healthcare Industry.

Explore below to learn more about how Scandit’s mobile computer vision technology can help your healthcare enterprise deliver better patient outcomes.

  • Patient Identity
  • Medication Administration
  • Sterile Fluid Collection Bags Tracking
  • Error-free Specimen Handling
  • Medical Supplies & Equipment Tracking
  • Reorder Medication
  • Inventory Counts with Lower Hardware Cost
  • Scan & Track Medication

Top Healthcare Brands Trust Scandit.

The pilot scheme to test the Scandit solution worked so well that both clinicians and nurses didn’t want us to take it away. We have every confidence in the scanning software capabilities of Scandit.

Stuart MacMillan

Programme Manager, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

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