Advancing Patient Care One Scan at a Time

Enhance efficiency and gain greater control of patient care processes with low-cost smart devices equipped with Scandit mobile computer vision solutions.

Improve Patient Care

Equipped with barcode scanning-enabled mobile apps, healthcare providers can use smartphones to capture patient and equipment data with 100% accuracy, eliminating human error and ensuring the highest quality of patient care.

Access Patient Records

Scandit’s innovative barcode scanning technology enables staff equipped with patient bedside care apps to identify patients, prescriptions and specimens with a single scan.

Replace Expensive Hardware

Mobile software-based barcode scanning solutions from Scandit enable healthcare enterprises to eliminate expensive peripheral devices and replace them with low-cost smartphones, tablets or wearable devices.

Scandit Use Cases for the Healthcare Industry.

More healthcare professionals than ever rely on barcode-scanning enabled apps on mobile devices to error-proof critical processes, streamline procedures, and provide higher-quality care for patients. Explore below to learn more about how Scandit’s mobile computer vision technology can help your healthcare enterprise deliver better patient outcomes.

  • Patient Care Apps
  • Pharmacy Apps

Top Healthcare Brands Trust Scandit.

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