Mobile Scanning for Better Healthcare

In hospitals, pharma distribution and social care, Scandit improves patient safety and staff efficiency.

Mobile Scanning and AR for Better Healthcare

We help healthcare organizations automate manual workflows, comply with regulations and free up clinicians to spend more time caring for patients. Our high-performance mobile scanning software powers apps to make swift work of processes like verifying patient details and medication and tracking medical supplies on the go.

Increase Patient Safety with Accuracy and Speed

Giving healthcare professionals on-the-go access to critical information such as medication, patient histories and lab workups, reduces human error and supports the highest quality care.

Improve Productivity and Compliance

With instant access to real-time information on a smart device for workers across the healthcare landscape, regular tasks and processes are easier, more accurate and faster.

Reduce Costs with Future-proof Software Solutions

Replacing inflexible infrastructure with powerful mobile software solutions reduces hardware costs immediately. And new levels of efficiency and productivity go straight to the bottom line.

Improve patient safety by reducing human error and inject speed and accuracy into regular workflows.

Browse the different ways in which Scandit’s mobile computer vision technology can deliver better patient care and regulatory compliance.

Patient Care
Healthcare Administration
Patient Verification open location
Asset Tracking open location
Search & Find open location
Search & Find open location
ID Verification open location
Inventory Management open location
Tracking open location
Tracking open location
Asset Tracking open location
Inventory Management open
ID & Admissions
Verification open
ID & Admissions
Verification open
Shipping & Receiving open
Inventory Management open location
Medication Tracking
& Administration open
Patient Verification open
Patient Verification open
Mother & Milk
Matching open
Surgery Kit &
Supply Tracking open
Blood Bag Recording
& Tracking open
Specimen Tracking
& Tracing open

Patient Care Use Cases

Scanning a patient’s wristband with mobile scanning and augmented reality (AR) enables clinicians to access digital workflows, including patient medical records and medicine administration. Tracking and tracing specimens and surgery equipment is also much easier.

Patient Care
scan patient's tag with smartphone

Healthcare workers can quickly and accurately confirm a patient’s identity using a simple smart device with a powerful scanning app. This speeds up patient care and reduces human error, all the way through a patient’s healthcare journey.

mother and milk matching

Ward staff working in busy neonatal and maternity wards can quickly and accurately match the right mother’s milk to the right baby. A Scandit-enabled mobile device automates in-hospital breast milk management for nursing staff, reducing the risk of human error.

scan medication

Clinicians can scan medication information into a record and instantly see critical information, such as dosage and patient-specific instructions. Providing this mobile access to real-time digital records reduces human error and improves patient safety.

Scandit - Specimen Tube Healthcare

A Scandit-powered mobile app can track blood and laboratory samples in real-time and trace barcodes back to their origin, achieving an accurate chain-of-custody. This gives clinicians an efficient way to track time-sensitive specimens for patient analysis and diagnostics.

surgery tools

Surgical and sterilization department staff can use mobile devices to scan instruments and other surgery supply items quickly, before and after surgery. This increased efficiency helps to improve patient safety and reduce costs.

scan multiple barcodes

Blood bag identification by clinicians is quick and easy using smart devices powered with Scandit scanning and augmented reality (AR) software. Blood bags with multiple barcodes can be scanned in one instance rather than needing time-wasting separate scans of each barcode.

Healthcare Administration Use Cases

Advanced barcode scanning on smart devices supports regulatory compliance such as when authenticating medication or verifying a patient’s identity. Healthcare workers across hospitals, pharma and social care can track assets in real-time and manage stock checks up to 40% faster.

Healthcare Administration
medication scan

Scanning Datamatrix codes on prescribed medication enables traceability, proves authenticity, supports regulatory compliance and increases patient safety. Healthcare workers can have the ability to perform this scanning and tracking from flexible, easy-to-use mobile devices.

scan qr code from pacient tag

Healthcare professionals can instantly verify different forms of ID using a Scandit-powered mobile device which recognises barcodes and text. This can help prevent fraud, reduce the risk of human error, support patient admission and ensure regulatory compliance.

inventory count using smartphone

Clinicians can update stock or inventory on-the-go, obtain detailed medication information and manage disposable replenishments. This releases clinician time previously spent on administration, back to patient care. Fast mobile scanning eliminates the need for recounts and speeds up the re-ordering process.

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scan medication

By pointing a smart device at stock inventories, healthcare workers can locate an item instantly. MatrixScan AR reads multiple barcodes at once, highlighting the correct item with an AR-overlay on the device screen. Used in stock checks, this feature can make time savings of up to 40%.


Capturing all the data from medical supplies in a single mobile scan dramatically reduces the time needed to authenticate the shipment or receipt of goods. By automating the process and using real-time data, it’s easy to inspect and store supplies, report damaged or missing items, document supplies sent to the wrong place or instantly re-order and replenish items.

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scan characters

Having accurate, real-time visibility of how assets are deployed throughout the day, saves countless hours finding, repairing and replacing resources. Importantly, apps using advanced image-recognition algorithms can process barcodes in any condition, such as on damaged labels or in bad light.

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Scandit technology helping Healthcare

Scan4Safety will allow us 24/7 tracking of our patients to allow our endoscopy, radiology and theatre teams to be as efficient as possible. It allows our clinicians to manage their patients more closely and safely.

David Berridge

Deputy Chief Medical Officer, The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

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