Improve Patient and Clinical Staff Experiences

Maximize patient safety. Prevent point-of-care errors and increase patient and staff satisfaction by turning smart devices into powerful data capture tools.

Positive Patient identification

Scandit-powered point of care solutions enable clinicians to simply and accurately scan a patient’s wristband with a smart device to pull up the patient records and ensure positive identification.

  • High performance scanning in poor conditions, including difficult barcodes, low light, glare or curved surfaces
  • Assured scanning from distances and angles to deliver less intrusive patient care
  • Ensure the highest accuracy from admission to discharge, prevent identification and medical errors
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Barcode Medication Administration (BCMA)

Eliminate errors and enhance patient safety by complying with the five rights of BCMA. Give nurses a high-performance, scanning enabled smart device for bedside medication verification to prevent errors in hospitals.

  • Flawless scanning performance on curved and shiny surfaces, such as wristbands and containers
  • Familiar, user-friendly smart devices let nurses work with speed and sympathy
  • Find medication fast with MatrixScan and AR overlays highlighting expiration dates
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Blood and IV Bag Administration

Clinical environments and healthcare workflows present numerous challenges for nurses. Point of care solutions powered by smart data capture technology help to streamline blood and IV bag administration workflows.

  • Simultaneously capture multiple barcodes on blood bags and IV bags with MatrixScan
  • Reliable data capture on low contrast and reflective IV bags
  • Eliminate human error and patient risk with accurate scanning
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Mobile Phlebotomy & Specimen Collection

Accelerate response times for mobile collection of biological samples with flawless smart device scanning.

  • Superfast scanning of time-sensitive specimens for patient analysis and diagnosis
  • AR overlays on device screen enable rapid verification of patient data at a glance
  • Minimize the need for re-testing with reliable data capture
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“The pilot scheme to test the Scandit solution worked so well that both clinicians and nurses didn’t want us to take it away.”Stuart MacMillan, Former Programme Manager, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust