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Organisations are changing the way they manage operations and improve customer experience with Scandit’s mobile computer vision and augmented reality (AR).

Create Positive Business Impact

Replacing inflexible hardware and infrastructure with powerful mobile software solutions reduces hardware costs immediately. A barcode scanning software solution is typically one-third the TCO (total cost of ownership) of a traditional hardware dedicated scanner.

“Replacing dedicated scanners with lower-end smartphones has helped to lower our total cost of ownership, without impacting scanning performance.”
Simon Færch, Coop Denmark

Equipping employees with a smartphone for scanning speeds up regular processes, delivering significant time savings. Giving employees real-time operational information via AR-overlays on their device adds efficiency across supply chains, logistics and operations.

“It’s great being able to scan & walk. No more having to zoom in & out, it’s even scanning broken barcodes. I seem to be faster at delivering, as this technology is speeding me up.”
Yodel employee

ROI can be maximized by focusing on the human impact of using barcode scanning software on familiar, everyday smart devices. Employees appreciate the simplicity of performing regular tasks quickly and customers enjoy personalized services such as Clienteling, Scan-and-Go and Product Information Look-up.

“Thanks to the cooperation with Scandit, we can proudly say that we are the first retail chain in the Baltics who offer customers a truly innovative shopping experience.”
Edvinas Volkas, CEO, MAXIMA Estonia

Transform Your Industry With Mobile Scanning


Create compelling digital customer experiences in store. Add to shopping lists, check nutritional values or see personalized promotions in mobile apps, while employees carry out store operations faster and offer deep insights into products on shelves.

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Post, Parcel & Express

Improve first time delivery rates and take cost out of the last mile. Our software powers apps helping couriers to do everything from a smartphone quickly and easily – scanning barcodes, verifying ID, or finding a specific package in a van with augmented reality overlays.

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Air Travel

Fast track operations and reduce costs by moving workflows onto mobile devices. With Scandit everyday smart devices become powerful barcode scanners to speed up boarding with mobile gate agents, track and find lost bags, or let passengers scan passports during online check-in.

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Improve patient safety and staff efficiency and compliance with Scandit’s high-performance scanning and augmented reality software. Speed up admissions, accurately keep track of everything from patients to specimens to surgical supplies, and access patient records on the move.

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Field Service

Have greater visibility of field service workflows in distribution centers and out on the road with Scandit’s industry-leading barcode scanner software. Make service calls shorter by enabling smartphone-based mobile workflows and rapid access to accurate inventory and installation information throughout the day.

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Re-engineer operational processes like goods received, inventory management and asset tracking with Scandit’s scanning software on smart devices. Optimize parts tracking parts end-to-end down to the serial numbers, and ensure the right material gets to the right production line and shipments are correct.

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Other Industries

Replace or augment dedicated scanning devices to cut total cost of ownership, reduce user training requirements, and ensure more efficient workflows in any industry.

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Scandit Case Studies

Case Studies

Find out how our customers across various industries are using Scandit technology. Select your industry to gain valuable insight.

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