Scandit’s mobile computer vision software uses the power of smart devices to turn them into enterprise-grade barcode scanning and text and object recognition tools. Using Scandit products and services, you can mobilize your entire workforce with the fast and accurate solutions they need to perform more efficient and reliable enterprise operations. Read on for a rundown of some of the industries Scandit empowers.


Scandit delivers highly effective data capture solutions for improving mobile apps for both retail customers and employees. Common uses include order entry, self scanning, mobile point of sale, mShopping and more.

Post, Parcel & Express

Scandit technology and services enable smart devices equipped with cloud-based barcode scanning software to digitalize workflows in all three phases of the Last Mile delivery process: Distribution Center, Point of Delivery, and Pickup and Dropoff (PUDO). Common uses for barcode scanning and text and object recognition in Post & Parcel include sorting, loading, parcel checking and identification, proof of delivery and more.

Supply Chain Logistics

Logistics enterprises can leverage Scandit mobile computer vision to help streamline their internal and customer-facing business processes, enabling fast, reliable organization-wide barcode scanning and text and object recognition capabilities.


Manufacturers use Scandit mobile data capture technology to manage and track parts and assets. Our innovative services can help you lower hardware and labor costs while at the same time enhancing and decentralizing quality assurance processes.


Healthcare providers can improve patient care and enhance the efficiency of business processes using smart device-based mobile computer vision. Our barcode scanning and text and object recognition solutions are perfect for hospital environments and other healthcare-related enterprises.


Government agencies can streamline processes for a wide variety of usage scenarios through our innovative mobile data capture services. Common scenarios include asset and document management, logistics and defense use cases.

Other Industries

Many industries trust Scandit’s mobile computer vision solutions to simplify and improve business processes, reduce operating costs and improve the customer experience. See what we can do to empower your enterprise today.

Lead Your Industry With Scandit

At Scandit, our mission is to empower your team with the resources and support it needs to excel. Our mobile data capture technology can be integrated into almost any existing IT environment, bringing speed and simplicity to your daily business processes. No matter which industry you serve or how ambitious your data capture goals are, Scandit brings the expertise, innovation and passion to help you meet and surpass them.

Contact us if you want to learn more about how Scandit’s smart device-based mobile computer vision solutions can help position your enterprise for long-term success. We can bring you up to speed on the specific solutions we offer for your industry—and how these solutions will bring meaningful value to your business. You can also reach out if you need additional information on mobile barcode scanning technology and how you can utilize it to achieve better results for your enterprise.