Transform Your Industry with Mobile Scanning

Organisations are changing the way they manage operations and deliver customer service with Scandit’s market-leading blend of mobile computer vision and augmented reality (AR).


Create compelling and efficient digital experiences in store with cost-efficient computer vision on mobile apps. Customers can interact with products, make informed purchases, scan-and-go, while employees can carry out store and back-of-house operations like shelf and inventory management up to 40% faster.

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Retail industry

Post, Parcel & Express

Improve first time delivery rates and take cost out of last mile delivery processes with Scandit’s enterprise-grade mobile barcode scanning on everyday smart devices. Distribution center employees and delivery drivers can make fast work of loading, identifying, sorting, searching, tracking and proof of delivery. So it’s a cost-effective way to boost customer satisfaction and increase delivery capacity.

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Post, Parcel and Express industry

Air Travel

On the ground or onboard a plane, fast track operations and reduce costs by moving workflows onto mobile devices. Scandit turns everyday smart devices into powerful mobile barcode scanners, making it possible to replace costly fixed scanners for operations like mobile check-in, gate boarding and baggage tracking, while giving passengers real-time flight, upgrade and gate information.

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Air Travel industry


Improve patient safety and comply with regulation with Scandit’s award-winning computer vision and augmented reality (AR) technology. Our high-performance software powers the best barcode scanner apps on everyday smart devices to automate manual workflows such as verifying patient details, authenticating medication, tracing specimens, inventory management and tracking surgical supplies. So clinicians are freed up to spend more time on patient care.

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Healthcare industry

Field Service

Fix it, first time, by having greater visibility of field service workflows in distribution centers and out on the road with Scandit’s industry-leading barcode scanner software. Enabled on smart devices, an industrial mobile scanner is placed into the hands of field service technicians to speed through processes like inventory management, loading and tracking, and proof of completion.

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Field Service industry


Re-engineer operational processes like goods received, inventory management, asset tracking and field maintenance with Scandit’s computer vision and augmented reality (AR) technology. Our high-performance barcode scanning software turns everyday smart devices into powerful mobile barcode scanners that access and display real-time operational information.

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smiling woman wearing ear and eye protection

Other Industries

Replace or augment dedicated scanning devices to cut total cost of ownership, reduce user training requirements, and ensure more efficient workflows in any industry. Enterprises worldwide use Scandit to scan vehicle IDs (VIN), facilitate mobile banking and event ticketing, improve processes in the fitness and education industries, and more. Scandit software improves efficiency and customer satisfaction in any case where barcodes, alphanumeric codes or other symbologies are present.

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