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Who we are

Find out what makes us tick, how we collaborate to build great software, and the dedication to quality it takes to be at Scandit!

What we do

Find out about our sophisticated technology and algorithms as well as the challenging projects you could be working on!

Where we work

Find out about our top locations around the world, where we have offices, what it is like to work there, and what else you’ll get up to!

Meet the team

Meet some of your future teammates to find out why they joined Scandit, what they get up to on a day to day basis and how their role impacts the company?

Who we are

We’re an innovative, fast-growing tech company. We are a global team of passionate people who love what we do. We are fast-paced and fun, we work hard and like to play hard too. We talk to each other about all kinds of topics, from the latest in technology and gaming to travel, photography and family. If you have an idea, everyone is ready to listen, including the founders, who have an open door policy for honest and direct communication.

We are inclusive and collectively ambitious. We believe in quality and authenticity in everything we do. We catch up on life over lunch, and don’t need an excuse to celebrate together! We have gathered the team from all over the world on our annual company trip many times in previous years, as a reward for great achievement and had a lot of fun together!

We are diverse in many ways. Scandits speak over 20 languages and collectively know over 40 programming languages – one Scandit even knows morse code! We strive to do our best and be the best at what we do every day.

We stay connected globally using slack or skype chat and video calls. We have company ‘All Hands’ meetings every quarter to stay up to date with what’s going on in each business area and learn more about company performance because we all have a vested interest.

We capture every opportunity and we love building amazing things.


What we do

We build…

amazing products that change the way tens of millions of people live and work every day. We get busy disrupting the enterprise mobility and data capture space.

We revolutionize…

workflows and we build smarter operations with Machine Learning and Computer Vision. We creatively solve problems that are out of the ordinary.

We listen…

to and share our stories with clients in person, at trade fairs, events and online. We help customers save time and money and help their employees have a superior user experience.

We leverage…

billions of data points through our cloud-based platform and by using our AI-based data capture solutions to offer world-class performance in smartphones, wearables, drones and robots.

We collaborate…

with talented, passionate and sharp co-workers across the globe, who are all dedicated to a shared goal.

We try new things…

all the time, and if we fail, we fail fast and learn, then try again. We speak up, we ideate, we create.

Where We Work

Our head office is in Zurich, Switzerland. Just 10 minutes walk from the main Zurich HB train station. It’s a dynamic, open plan office, with some break out areas to have a quick chat, catch up with colleagues or take a quiet moment to think. There’s an extra large lunch table where we catch up with each other! There’s a little retro kitchen and we have a great coffee machine (with free coffee and snacks, of course). On the wall in the main reception you’ll find a screen tracking real time scanning data and count downs to birthdays!  Our engineering team organizes regular Tech Talks and gets involved in local tech events, like hosting HackerX recruitment fairs.

We also have an office on the West Coast of North America, in the very heart of downtown San Francisco, close to BART Station.

Together with our Boston and Zurich Team, we are leading marketing, sales & events efforts from the San Francisco office.

We embrace flexibility and also have a large number of people who work remotely in London, Frankfurt, Brussels, Paris, Atlanta, Idaho and Louisiana!

We have another office on the East Coast of North America, in Boston, MA, which is in a cool part of the City just near South Station.

Here you’ll find a mix of the US-based Sales & Marketing teams, on the phones networking with new and existing clients and creating amazing content. There’s always something going on and someone to catch up with!

Meet the team

We caught up with a few of the Scandit employees to find out what they do and why they love being part of the company’s journey to success.  Read their stories here…

Meet Terry in the Product Engineering Team

Well, Terry is a bit shy…..and didn’t really want to have a photo ‘on some stuffy careers page’

So we managed to take a quick video of what Terry got up to on his first day in the office…

Disclosure: No bots were harmed in the filming of this video.

We're growing....!!!

In January 2017, Atomico, the leading European technology venture capital firm, founded by Niklas Zennström, a serial entrepreneur who co-founded Skype and Kazaa, invested CHF 7.5m in Series A funding in Scandit.  With the new funding, we are expanding internationally and are growing our teams across North America and Europe locations.

This means new people, new ideas, new personalities and new ways of working.

We want to make sure that the people who join us, understand us, and while challenging us with new and innovate ideas, believe in the value of being part of the Scandit Family.  This is really important to us, so we’d like to share our values with you.

We’d like you to know what to expect, so you can capture the opportunity to build something amazing with us.


Our Values

Pioneer Spirit.

Be part of something big, set yourself challenging goals, embrace failure and have an impact.


See every problem as an opportunity to innovate and contribute to a better solution.


Take ownership, strive to make things better every day and encourage others to do the same.

Team Spirit.

Respect your team members, be open and have a voice, trust yourself and others, and expect the same in return.

Getting Things Done.

Find a good balance between quality and impact. Don't overanalyze and deliver results.


Don’t take yourself too seriously and have fun.