Field Service: Fix It First Time, Every Time

Scandit-enabled smart devices in distribution centers and on the road connect field service operations in real-time.

Mobile Computer Vision Brings True Visibility to Field Service

We help field service organizations re-engineer workflows and improve first-time fix rates, by turning everyday smart devices into industrial mobile barcode scanners. Our high-performance scanning software on mobile apps simplifies and speeds up  processes like inventory management, loading and tracking, and proof of completion.

Track Inventory in Real-Time Wherever it Goes

Equipping every employee with a low-cost but powerful mobile barcode scanner, means you can control inventory from the distribution center, to satellite operations, to the field.

Meet Customer Demand by Fixing First Time Every Time

Field service technicians must have accurate inventory and maintenance or installation information throughout the day. With an easy-to-use mobile scanning app, they’re in control.

Reduce Costs With Future-proof Software Solutions

Replacing inflexible infrastructure with powerful mobile software solutions reduces hardware costs immediately. And new levels of efficiency and productivity go straight to the bottom line.

Take real-time control of your inventory, logistics and costs in field service.

Browse the ways in which Scandit’s mobile computer vision and augmented reality (AR) software can support field service management and help your employees.

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Field Operations
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Distribution Use Cases

Employees could do stock checks up to 40% faster with Scandit-enabled apps than with traditional scanning devices. The same technology can quickly sort, put away and retrieve parts for technicians. Customers can be given the ability to scan parts so replacements and jobs can be pre-ordered and scheduled more quickly.

Distribution Use Cases
scandit ocr barcode scan

Any employee with a Scandit-enabled smart device can rapidly receive, sort and put away parts. Using MatrixScan to scan multiple barcodes at the same time, employees can easily allocate and record where they place goods, making it simpler and quicker to retrieve items later. At peak times, temporary staff can use the same mobile app on their own smartphone under a BYOD (bring your own device) policy.

inventory count

An inventory check can be done up to 40% faster using MatrixScan AR on a smart device to scan multiple barcodes at once, rather than with a traditional scanner. The AR-overlay displays real-time stock details and warehouse replenishment dates so stock levels can be managed efficiently.

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multiple scaning with samsung smartphone

Employees need to quickly find the parts needed for technician visits. Using a smart device enabled with Scandit’s MatrixScan AR software, the employee simply hovers the device over a batch of packages to instantly highlight the correct one. Compared to dedicated scanners, MatrixScan can find parts up to 40% faster.

customer self scanning

Enable your customers to scan serial numbers of equipment that needs fixing or replacing. So you can send the right technician with the exact parts that match model and serial numbers, increasing first-time fix rates and customer satisfaction. This can be done either with a customer mobile app or customers can scan directly onto your website.

Field Operations Use Cases

The digitalization of field operations is about making the movement of assets including parts and equipment, more visible across all teams, including technicians out in the field. Using a simple smart device with Scandit mobile computer vision, field service technicians can easily access inventory counts, service histories & installation manuals, and activate invoices and warranties on completion of jobs.

Field Operations Use Cases
scan barcodes from packages

Field service technicians can load vans based on the day’s schedule, simply by scanning items to view the order of delivery through an AR-overlay. All parts are tracked as received and loaded, providing an accurate picture of inventory held by each technician across the field. This real-time and shared view of inventory supports accurate job scheduling and improved first-time fix rates.

search and find

Field Service technicians need to find parts quickly in their vans. By hovering a smart device over a batch of packages, Scandit’s software captures multiple barcodes at once and highlights which is the correct item with an AR-overlay on the screen. Parts needed can be recorded for each visit in advance, which saves hours of time across multiple work orders.

inventory count using smartphone

Field service technicians can carry out inventory counts using any smart device, while they’re in the field. Because MatrixScan scans multiple codes at once, completing an inventory check is up to 40% faster than with dedicated scanners. Having this real-time visibility of inventories shared among all teams and colleagues, enables more efficient job allocation based on parts availability.

scan barcodes

A smart device powered by Scandit, is a simple and easy-to-use way to give technicians instant access to real-time information about equipment, parts, service histories, maintenance schedules and installation instructions, so they can complete jobs in the most efficient way for customers. A simple scan of a barcode will pull in the information to the device, supporting track and trace of parts under warranty for claims and provide an opportunity to upsell additional parts and service.

ocr on smartphone

Using a simple smart device, field service technicians can log parts used to complete a work order, parts for return, and activate invoicing and warranty processes on-site by marking a job as complete. Scandit’s software combines barcode scanning with text recognition (OCR) to read IDs, and barcodes on equipment and parts. With the tracking done immediately, inventory systems are constantly kept updated.

enphase employee delivering package

The Scandit integration was smooth and simple. Existing documentation was thorough and when further assistance was needed, Scandit’s response was very timely and helpful. We would definitely work with Scandit again if the opportunity presents itself.

Ilén Zazueta-Hall

Director of Software, Enphase Energy

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