warehouse operations overview

Power Multiple Warehouse Processes with One Device

Smart data capture can transform warehouse operations, streamlining workflows with ultra-fast scanning and real-time AR insights to receive, sort, load, track, pack or process returns with speed and accuracy.

loading vans

Loading the Van

Field technicians can speed up van loading with superfast barcode scanning or by scanning multiple parts at once with MatrixScan. Augmented reality (AR) overlays allow parts to be effortlessly organized and prioritized based on the day’s schedule.

  • Top scanning performance and intelligent placement saves time
  • See real-time parts information to optimize loading efficiencies
  • Accurate scanning even in tough conditions or with damaged barcodes
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search and find

Warehouse Search & Find

With augmented reality, warehouse employees can speed up search and find, hovering a smart device over multiple parts, to highlight the specific item that technicians need - saving valuable time across several work orders.

  • Instantly identify specific parts with AR
  • Enhance efficiencies, scanning several parts at once
  • Ensure first-time fixes with greater parts accuracy
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With one flexible smart device powered by Scandit Smart Data Capture, employees can speedily receive parts in the warehouse, and seamlessly sort and put them away.

  • Employees can identify and verify parts and assets in real-time
  • Understand where each part should be put-away to speed up sorting
  • Eliminate sorting errors to streamline operations
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pick and stage

Pick & Stage

Pick and stage parts needed by technicians for customer visits quickly and easily - scan multiple barcodes at once with MatrixScan to reduce the time taken to find parts by as much as 40% when compared to dedicated warehouse scanning equipment.

  • Reduce picking errors with AR overlays on screen
  • Multi-scanning eliminates manual picking
  • Simplify sorting and staging of large volumes
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warehouse returns

Returns Handling

Enhance customer service by streamlining returns. With AR enabled scanning of the barcode, serial number or RMA code on the product, employees or third party logistics can validate parts that have been authorized for return from the customer.

  • Add special handling instructions with AR
  • Accurate scanning streamlines reverse supply chain
  • Reorder parts faster with prompt returns
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“Our mobile technology offering to our internal clients is an important part of our service platform. Scandit provides a key piece of technology that enables us to scan our product, thus ensuring accurate data entry, product identification, and ease of use”Greg Groves, Chief Information Officer, American Woodmark