Mobile Tracking Solutions for the Modern Manufacturer

Use smart devices with a barcode scanning-enabled mobile app to track parts on the assembly line and drive faster, more reliable operations.

Improve Tracking Processes

Smart devices equipped with computer vision software help manufacturers optimize parts tracking on the assembly line.

Reduce Costs

Replace expensive dedicated scanners with computer vision-enabled smart devices that are easy to use and far less costly.

Increase Efficiency

Scandit-powered apps enable smart devices to capture data from multiple items in a single instance. Augmented reality feedback provides real-time tracking information directly on a smart device screen.

American Woodmark uses mobile computer vision to optimize product tracking and increase customer satisfaction.

Scandit Use Cases for the Manufacturing Industry

Mobile apps featuring Scandit computer vision improve the speed and efficiency of core manufacturing workflows, including asset management, proof of delivery and order entry. The solution is easy to implement, all users need is a smartphone (their own or enterprise-issued) with a barcode scanning-enabled app and they can begin capturing data in any manufacturing environment.  Mobile computer vision-enabled smart device apps mitigate human error and require no training to use. Augmented reality feedback gives users real-time instructions on how to manage items, enabling faster and better decisionmaking. 

  • Field Services
  • Mobile Proof of Delivery
  • Asset Management
  • Shipping & Receiving

Top Manufacturing Companies Trust Scandit

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