In their personal lives, everyone has data at their fingertips in one device all day, every day. Now, smart data capture empowers businesses to provide data to their workers and customers.

What Makes Data Capture Smart?

Smart data capture (also known as automated data capture or intelligent data capture) empowers businesses to capture and access real-time data in new ways. It can be deployed into any ecosystem or application, leveraging smartphones, robots, drones and wearables.

Adaptable and Flexible

Technology to switch easily between working environments to future-proof businesses.

Actionable Intelligence

Get real-time data into the right hands to make smarter and faster decisions.

Cost Efficient Scalability

Create scalable and agile operations, helping to meet new demands while balancing costs.

Why is Smart Data Capture Important?

Smart data capture is transforming the way employees work, taking customer experiences to new levels and delivering superior business outcomes.

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For Workers

Intelligent data capture unburdens employees from manual, scan-intensive and repetitive tasks.

  • Perform multiple and varied operational tasks with one smart device.
  • Empower workers with the right tools and real-time data to make decisions on-the-spot and perform with speed, intelligence and accuracy.
  • Improve user experience and employee satisfaction.

For Customers

Bring the digital world into physical environments to create connected, differentiated experiences.

  • Exceed changing customers expectations with a future-proofed approach to enable new offerings, experiences and services to be rolled out fast.
  • Leverage intelligent data capture, allowing consumers to skip queues with the convenience of self-service, like mobile self-scanning or self-check in.
  • Provide access to information, personalized offers, product reviews or endless aisle purchases to boost engagement.
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For Businesses

Automated data capture re-engineers and future-proofs end-to-end processes to reduce cost, time and human error.

  • Leverage existing infrastructure and transform low-cost or worker-owned devices into high-performance tools to scale operations quickly without major investment.
  • Add intelligence and enhance decision-making by capturing, aggregating and processing data from multiple sources and locations.
  • Smart data capture supports any stage of digital transformation and provides a platform for continuous innovation.

Why is Smart Data Capture Transformative?

Smart data capture technology navigates the macro-trends that businesses across different sectors face to help support more effective digital transformation strategies.

Attract and Retain Workers


of workers want the right tools to make jobs easier.

Employee expectations have changed. Attract, retain and satisfy workers by giving them the right tools and data for the job. Replace inflexible legacy tools and manual processes for data capture automation.

Win Customer Loyalty


of consumers are brand switching.

Customers are demanding more. Smart data capture helps businesses align with customer values to deliver more convenient, engaging and personalized experiences across all channels.

Boost Business Efficiency


Poor decision-making costs organizations 3% of profits.

Businesses need to be more efficient. It means capturing and making actionable real-time data available to all, while automating manual, time-intensive and error-prone processes.

Tech Webcast: The Evolution of Smart Data Capture

Futurum Research Principal Analyst Daniel Newman met Scandit CTO Christian Floerkemeier to discuss what smart data capture offers businesses, workers and consumers.

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Learn how Scandit Smart Data Capture is giving superpowers to workers, customers and businesses.

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