Scandit Air Travel solutions. Smart Data Capture for frictionless, personalized passenger experiences. Boosting airline staff efficiency. Reducing cost.

Above the Wing

Scandit Smart Data Capture handles everything from mobile check-in to baggage search and find. Making airline and the airport staff’s job easier while helping to improve the passengers’ journey.

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Streamline Passenger Processing

Take the stress out of air travel with smart data capture

Airports process millions of passengers a day. With Scandit Smart Data Capture technology like passport ID scanning, boarding pass scanning, augmented reality, and batch scanning, airport staff can speed up airport journey times and increase passenger satisfaction.

  • Help passengers to contactlessly check-in, drop bags and access lounges
  • Capture and verify ID from boarding passes, passports, and driving licenses
  • Provide services like instant baggage search and find with augmented reality and MatrixScan

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A Ticket for Hassle-free Air Travel

Uncertain passenger volumes and the slow recovery of the business travel sector mean travel companies need the best air travel solutions within their business processes.

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Take Off With Scandit Smart Data Capture

Airport solutions enable airlines to optimize operations for leisure travel, while business travel recovers. This means offering a superior customer experience while keeping operational costs low.

Enable smart data capture in employee mobile apps to:

  • Gain competitive advantage by offering convenient and personalized travel experiences.
  • Transform workflows and reduce operational costs through mobile agents and self-service options.
  • Future-proof operations with a cost-effective, flexible solution.
  • Ensure unmatched speed, accuracy and intelligence across critical workflows.

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Air Travel Insights & Resources

Improve Customer Experience and Efficiency with Smart Data Capture

Airlines need flexible solutions that prioritize people’s safety, yet still deliver a great experience. Our infographic shows you how.

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