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Fly High, One Scan at a Time.

On the ground or onboard the flight, transform airline operations and customer experience with Scandit’s market-leading blend of computer vision and augmented reality.

We help air travel operators fast track processes and enrich customer experience by moving routine tasks onto everyday mobile devices. Our high-performance scanning software powers employee-facing mobile apps, replacing costly dedicated scanning infrastructure. A flexible, cost-efficient mobile solution provides a solid platform for future digital innovation. And we help bring innovative, personalized services to passengers from the moment they check-in at home to the time they collect luggage at their final destination.

Use Scandit-Powered Apps For Employees and Passengers

Fast Track Customer Services and Operations From Home to Take-Off

airtravel usecases
  • Passport Self-scanning
  • Instant Passenger Information
  • Lounge Access
  • Superior In-flight Service
  • Optimized Baggage Tracking
  • Instant ID and Boarding Pass Checks
  • Efficient Boarding
  • Flight Maintenance
  • Inventory Checks

These short clips show the technology in action

Passport Scanning at Remote Online Check-in

Flight Updates with Augmented Reality

Mobile Boarding Pass Scanning at the Gate

Mobile Boarding Pass Scanning at Low Screen Brightness

Mobile Boarding Pass Scanning at Awkward Angles

Fast Baggage Search & Find

Real-time Baggage Tracking with Augmented Reality

Below-the-Wing Baggage Scanning on Damaged Codes

Below-the-Wing Baggage Scanning at Varying Distances

Below-the-Wing Baggage Scanning at Awkward Angles

We wanted the best scanner at the boarding door because any lag in scanning can be an infuriating experience for the agents and the guests. We tested different scanning solutions in multiple environments and Scandit consistently came out on top, with a level of scanning performance that was hard to match with the open source software.

Francis Brown

Product Manager, Alaska Airlines

Alasks Airlines

Alaska Airlines case study

Alaska Airlines upgraded boarding by using iPad Minis to scan documents away from the gate.


Fly High, One Mobile Scan at a Time

How to innovate air travel with computer vision and augmented reality (AR).

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