Make All Air Travel First Class

On the ground or onboard the flight, Scandit upgrades airline operations and customer experience.

Mobile Computer Vision Takes the Stress Out of Air Travel

We help air travel operators bring personalized services to passengers and efficiency to operations. Our software solutions fast track processes by moving routine tasks onto everyday mobile devices, replacing costly dedicated scanning infrastructure. Passengers enjoy the convenience from the moment they check-in at home to the time they collect baggage.

Delight Passengers with Real-time Journey Information

Customers want air travel operators to minimize wait times and provide a more personal service. One way is to offer accurate and real-time flight and passenger information.

Fast Track Operations with Smartphones and Tablets

Go mobile and equip customer agents with time saving Scandit-powered apps on mobile devices for improved productivity and trackability with baggage, lounge access and gate boarding.

Reduce Costs with Future-proof Software Solutions

Replacing inflexible infrastructure with powerful mobile software solutions reduces hardware costs immediately. And new levels of efficiency and productivity go straight to the bottom line.

Fast track customer services and operations from home to take-off.

Browse the different ways in which Scandit’s mobile computer vision technology is delivering better, more efficient passenger services and operations.

Customer Services Use Cases

Customer agents can help passengers anywhere in the airport using a Scandit-powered mobile device to view passenger information. Airlines can offer passengers the option to scan their own passport during online check-in, and to access real-time flight and boarding information from the airport.

Customer Services Use Cases
Scan passports instantly with Scandit technology

Passport Self-scanning

As well as getting a mobile boarding pass, passengers can scan their own passport when checking in online, avoiding the risk of human error when entering passport data and alerting an out-of-date passport. This speeds up the check-in process and reduces waiting times at check-in desks.

scan dotcode

Instant Passenger Information

Ease the stress of air travel by equipping customer service agents with easy-to-use mobile scanning apps to display real-time information as augmented reality (AR) overlays on smart devices. After scanning the boarding pass the agent can access flight updates, gate assignment, upgrades and vouchers, for example following a delay.

smiling woman navigating on phone

Lounge Access

Greet passengers and grant access to lounge facilities with a hassle-free scan of their boarding pass using a Scandit-powered app. Lounge hosts can also use it to access information for passengers such as frequent flier discounts and to take payments (mobile point of sale).

Stewardese serving customers

Superior In-flight Service

Flight attendants can use a Scandit-powered mobile app to provide real-time information to passengers about connecting flights and frequent flier discounts, and to process mobile point of sale payments. A simple scan of a boarding pass displays information on the mobile device.

Operations Use Cases

Tracking passengers and their luggage is fast and secure using Scandit enterprise-grade mobile scanning with augmented reality (AR) software on smart devices. Customer agents are cut free from podiums and can scan boarding passes, passports and crew badges. Inventory checks can be done up to 40% faster than with traditional scanners, making lighter work of flight maintenance and aircraft provisioning.

Operations Use Cases
Mobile Check in with Scandit

Mobile Check-in

Go mobile and check-in passengers from anywhere in the check-in area with Scandit’s smart device scanning and augmented reality. Customer service agents can easily facilitate seat changes or upgrades in real-time without passengers needing to wait at busy podiums.

instant id boarding pass checks

Instant ID & Boarding Pass Check

Verify a passenger’s ID at any point in the airport. Giving customer service agents a Scandit-powered app means they can scan passengers’ boarding passes and passports more easily to instantly verify a passenger’s ID anywhere in the airport.

dotcode scan form ticket flight

Mobile Agents at the Gate

Replacing dedicated scanning hardware with a software-based smart device scanning solution, significantly reduces TCO (total cost of ownership). Using mobile devices to board passengers also means staff maintain contact with the flight crew while scanning boarding passes and passports, helping to make flight boarding even more efficient.

luggage search and find

Optimized Baggage Tracking

Scandit turns a smart device into an airport baggage scanner used by employees to track baggage throughout the system. That includes checking-in at the gate, quickly finding ‘no-show’ passenger baggage, re-routing misplaced luggage and below-the-wing workers scanning open bins and Unit Load Devices. MatrixScan AR reads multiple barcodes in a single scan, adding passenger, flight and destination details to the device screen.

man working on flight maintenance

Parts Tracking & Maintenance

Lower maintenance costs and increase efficiency by using enterprise-grade mobile apps to scan barcodes and text on parts. Scandit’s software ensures maintenance operators can easily find and track parts from the warehouse to the aircraft and while in service.

accurate flight inventories

Inventory Management

Ensure flights are fully loaded with the correct inventories before take-off. Flight crews equipped with Scandit-enabled apps on mobile devices, can scan any item of inventory such as in-flight meals and merchandize to ensure the flight is properly provisioned.

Alaska Airlines using Scandit-enabled iPad Minis
Alaska Airlines logo

We wanted the best scanner at the boarding door because any lag in scanning can be an infuriating experience for the agents and the guests. We tested different scanning solutions in multiple environments and Scandit consistently came out on top, with a level of scanning performance that was hard to match with the open source software.

Francis Brown

Product Manager, Alaska Airlines

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