Sprint Post, Parcel & Express with Mobile Scanning

In the last mile and every mile, tracking deliveries with Scandit is fast, simple and cost-effective.

Mobile Computer Vision Drives Down Delivery Costs

We help post, parcel and express businesses take cost and time out of end-to-end delivery processes. Our high-performance scanning software powers apps that simplify tasks like loading, identifying, sorting, searching, tracking and delivering.

Track Parcels in Real-time from Pickup to Dropoff (PUDO)

Using a user-friendly mobile scanning app, employees can easily identify packages in the distribution center, then track them and verify their delivery at the drop off point.

Delight Customers with On-time, First-time Deliveries

Delivery drivers need accurate customer and delivery information in real-time throughout the day. With an easy-to-use mobile scanning app, they’re in control and in touch with colleagues.

Reduce Costs with Future-proof Software Solutions

Replacing inflexible infrastructure with powerful mobile software solutions reduces hardware costs immediately. And new levels of efficiency and productivity go straight to the bottom line.

The critical Last Mile, where the e-commerce supply chain touches the end customer, needs joined-up operations from the distribution center to the point of delivery.

Browse the ways in which Scandit’s mobile computer vision technology can provide real-time control of delivery operations and introduce more speed and simplicity.

Distribution Center Use Cases

Workers can quickly and easily identify, sort and load parcels and packages into the correct vehicles using a smartphone or tablet. Scandit turns any camera-enabled smart device into a powerful barcode, text and image scanner, which can reduce the time taken for ’search and find’ by up to 40%.

Distribution Center


Using MatrixScan AR to load parcels is a big time-saver. Drivers simply hover the smart device over the packages to scan multiple barcodes at once and view augmented reality (AR) feedback about where in the delivery schedule each package comes. With the parcels loaded in the best order for the route, valuable time is saved at every stop.

Identifying Special Parcels

With a quick scan from a Scandit-enabled smart device, packages which are high-value or time-sensitive can be identified and if necessary redirected. The augmented reality (AR) feedback also shows special delivery instructions in real-time.


Employees save time and improve efficiency of parcel sorting by instantly viewing instructions about parcels on a Scandit-enabled smart device. After hovering the device over a batch of packages and scanning multiple barcodes at once, the information needed to sort most efficiently is displayed on the device.

Point of Delivery Use Cases

Drivers need to quickly and reliably verify the delivery of parcels and packages to the right person at the right place in full and undamaged. With a Scandit-powered mobile scanning app, deliveries can be recorded into the operations system in real-time. Using a BYOD (bring your own device) policy, the workforce can be quickly extended with a mobile app on workers’ own smartphones.

Point of Delivery

Driver Search & Find

Drivers can easily identify a single parcel in their vans using the powerful MatrixScan AR feature. By hovering the smart device over a batch of packages, multiple barcodes are scanned at once and real-time information is fed back to the device screen. This could be customer details, real-time delivery information or the next items due for delivery.

Digital Parcel Status Check

Delivery drivers may need to check all special requirements have been met immediately before making a delivery. For example, pharmaceutical items have strict requirements about temperature and time of delivery. With a Scandit-powered smart device, this can be done with a quick scan to view the special information.

Proof of Delivery

Using a smartphone to scan barcodes, record an electronic signature, verify ID, or take a photo, is much easier than carrying a bulky dedicated scanner around. The cumulative time savings will be evident in reduced costs as well as the significant cost savings on hardware.

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Pickup and Dropoff (PUDO) Use Cases

Delivery points are various and can change at short notice. So tracking parcels in real-time to and from customer touchpoints such as depots, gas stations, convenience stores, secure lockers, or third-party service providers, is critical. With a user-friendly barcode-scanning app on a smartphone, teams can keep on top of delivery information at all times.


Depot Search & Find

When a customer picks up a package from a depot, employees can locate the right parcel in record time with our special MatrixScan AR feature. By hovering the smart device over a batch of packages to scan multiple barcodes at once, the correct item is instantly highlighted with augmented reality (AR) feedback on the screen.

Remote Pickup at Third-Party Locations

Third-party parcel pickup locations no longer need dedicated scanning hardware. Partners can use the delivery company’s mobile app on their own smart device. When loaded with Scandit barcode scanning and augmented reality (AR) overlays, partners use the app to receive, search and find, and perform proof of delivery when a customer picks up a parcel.

Undelivered Parcel Sorting

Each returned or undelivered parcel represents a dissatisfied customer, so they must be processed quickly. An employee or temporary worker using a powerful mobile scanning app on a simple smart device can quickly scan items and view information to sort and redirect as quickly as possible.

hermes employee delivering a package

Scandit technology allows our couriers to do everything from a smartphone quickly and easily. From scanning a barcode to recording an electronic signature, verifying an ID and taking a picture of where a package has been left.

Chris Ashworth

CIO, Hermes UK

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Sprint the Last Mile with Mobile Computer Vision and AR - Whitepaper

As the point where the e-commerce supply chain touches the end customer, critical last mile delivery must be optimized. From working with delivery organisations, this paper is our take on cost-effective innovations, describing the technology and showing how it can be put to use to connect employees and systems to sprint the last mile for your customers.

NACEX - Case Study

Read how Spanish delivery organisation NACEX, replaced traditional hand-held scanning devices with Scandit software in Android smartphones. “With the new app and multi-scanning functionality with Augmented Reality color overlay, our drivers can do the job much quicker, as they don’t need to read and confirm each code sequentially.

DPD Russia - Case Study

Learn how DPD Russia uses Scandit-powered smartphones to achieve genuine real-time transparency in tracking the movement and precise location of parcels throughout the delivery process of more than 100,000 parcels a day both directly to consumers and to a system of more than 2,000 pickup points.

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