Mobile Scanning Solutions for Connected Manufacturing

Scandit helps you connect processes, people and products from plant to warehouse, from customers to field maintenance.

Manufacturing Innovation with Mobile Computer Vision

We help manufacturers re-engineer operational processes – like goods received, inventory management, asset tracking and field maintenance. Our high-performance scanning software solutions turn everyday smart devices into a powerful barcode scanning system to access and display real-time operational information.

Track Parts in Real-Time From Anywhere

End-to-end parts tracking can be optimized down to serial number, worker and customer by equipping every employee with a powerful barcode scanning app on a smart device.

Boost Efficiency with Reduced Human Error

The right material gets to the right production line and shipments are correct, when employees use a user-friendly mobile app to track material and goods with accurate, real-time information.

Reduce Costs with Future-Proof Software Solutions

Replacing inflexible infrastructure with powerful mobile software solutions reduces hardware costs immediately. And new levels of efficiency and productivity go straight to the bottom line.

Connect processes, people and products from warehouse to assembly line, to field maintenance and customers.

Browse the ways in which Scandit’s mobile computer vision and augmented reality (AR) software can support your manufacturing business and engage your employees.

Warehouse Management Use Cases

From goods-in to goods-out, employees can manage stock inventories up to 40% faster with Scandit-enabled mobile apps than with dedicated scanners. They can also receive, sort, stock and search & find parts and equipment quickly to support efficient assembly operations. With augmented reality (AR) overlays highlighting special handling instructions, packing and shipping is optimized.

Warehouse Management with Scandit
scan products for inventory counting

Inventory Management

Manage stock inventories up to 40% faster with MatrixScan

Goods entering the warehouse are scanned using a smartphone and tracked throughout assembly and production. Scandit’s MatrixScan completes inventory checks up to 40% faster than with dedicated scanners by scanning multiple barcodes at once. An augmented reality (AR) overlay then displays the information needed to manage, order and replenish stock levels, avoiding out-of-stock production stoppages.

receiving and stocking using smartphone

Receiving, Sorting and Stocking

Quickly receive, sort and store goods for easy retrieval

Smart scanning reduces the normal bottlenecks in receiving, sorting and stocking goods and the arduous process of ensuring order and delivery lists match. A worker scans a barcode on the order or receipt, which is matched to the relevant items in the pallet by a single scan using MatrixScan, saving hours of time. Any employee with a Scandit-enabled smart device can easily allocate and record where to place goods for rapid retrieval later.

scan package with smartphone

Smart Picking

Pick different products at speed with a single device

Components can be picked rapidly from wall, shelf or tote bins. Workers scan the relevant barcode, point the smartphone at the wall or bin and the device highlights the correct part. Scandit’s high-performance scanning on a smartphone can do all the picking tasks done by dedicated, legacy devices. We add computer vision software to augment pick-faces, scanning multiple and miniature barcodes in one go.

augmented instructions on smartphone screen

Handling Instructions

Look-up special handling requirements in seconds

Ensure employees deal appropriately with items marked for special handling. After scanning a barcode with a Scandit-enabled mobile device, workers instantly see an AR-overlay of any special instructions in real-time, for example about how to handle the item or the appropriate storage requirements.

search and find packages with smartphone

Search & Find

Find the right parts instantly

Scandit software lets workers quickly locate particular items on pallets, in stores, and line-side with ‘Search & Find’ functionality. The computer vision scans all the labels and discards information that the worker doesn’t want, isolating only the barcodes or text that’s needed. It’s a huge time-saver on a busy factory floor where time-consuming repetitive tasks swallow time.

manufacturing and shipping

Packing & Shipping

A manual process digitally automated

Packing and shipping is a major but laborious element of the manufacturing process. A fleet of trucks typically arrives at the manufacturing plant for people to manually check what has been ordered against what is actually despatched. The ability to scan the entire content of a shelf in a goods-out warehouse, or a pallet or lot on a truck, instead of scanning individual barcodes, saves up to 40% in time.

Assembly and Production Use Cases

Scandit’s mobile scanning makes the tracking of parts, equipment and finished products more transparent from the store to line-side, assembly, production and out to market. Workers access assembly instructions with AR-overlays on their mobile devices and maintenance on the assembly line is streamlined with real-time mobile data capture.

Assembly and Production with Scandit
tracking parts with smartphone

Product & Equipment Information Look-Up

Get real-time information on parts from anywhere

Augmenting barcodes with an AR-overlay of real-time instructions on the smart scanning device, provides a versatile information look-up functionality. An employee (or other authorized person) can instantly retrieve information about the product or unit, to support quality assurance procedures, which may vary by the product being assembled - a quick scan highlights the necessary next steps for workers.

Parts Installation and Tracking

Parts & Installation Tracking

Improve the traceability of parts on the assembly line

Tracking barcoded assets as they progress through multiple stations on the factory floor is useful for material and parts traceability, and also for installation tracking. Scandit software on affordable smartphones scans Datamatrix codes easily - etched onto metal with laser - which are difficult to scan and traditionally require an expensive, dedicated device. Automotive, aerospace and other industries needing regulatory compliance and traceability in the field use Datamatrix codes.

Augmented Reality Assembly instructions

Assembly Instructions

Embed QA into the assembly process with smart scanning

On the assembly line itself, augmented reality (AR) overlays give workers assembly instructions direct to their mobile device screens. So QA can be embedded during assembly - a worker scans the part to be installed, and reads instructions about next steps for compliance or approval. It’s an especially useful feature of smart scanning for multi-product assembly lines where procedures differ for different products.

Asset Management with Scandit

Asset Management

Capture asset usage data in real-time

Assets within manufacturing are sweated to maximize the return for the business. A critical success factor is ‘asset turnover ratio’ which measure usage efficiency. Scandit-powered smartphones capture data so you can track and monitor usage rates in real-time.

Plant Service & Maintenance with Scandit

Plant Service & Maintenance

Track factory floor parts and maintenance schedules easily

A worker looks up information about an installation or equipment, or checks-in to a location to report carrying out an inspection, using a scanning-enabled mobile device. Each replacement part or equipment used during maintenance can be quickly scanned and recorded. Augmented reality (AR) feedback displays crucial information such as previous event and planned works, maintenance dates and manuals, and tracking of installed and replaced parts.

Customer Engagement Use Cases

In the field, Scandit technology enables manufacturers to engage with customers. Pre-scheduling the servicing of goods is faster with customer self-scanning, while product information look-up tells customers all they need to know about the product and any associated warranties.

Customer Engagement with Scandit
scan barcode using smartphone

Customer Self-Scanning

Fault-reporting and warranty registration

Scanning a product barcode through a web browser linked to a corporate website is an easy way to register product data to take advantage of warranties and let manufacturers see how the product is performing in the field. The same simple scan can also speed-up fault-reporting by customers.

Product Information Look-Up with Scandit

Product Information Look-Up

Speedy self-service information for customers

Customers scan a product barcode to display information on a smartphone as an AR-overlay about the provenance and material specification of manufactured goods, as well as accessing reviews, ratings, and product videos.

american woodmark product line
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Our mobile technology offering to our internal clients is an important part of our service platform. Scandit provides a key piece of technology that enables us to scan our product, thus ensuring accurate data entry, product identification, and ease of use.

Greg Groves

Chief Information Officer, American Woodmark

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