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A Better Way to Work and Shop

By integrating Scandit into your grocery store operations, your employees can quickly and easily tackle any task and your customers can enjoy a more convenient shopping experience.

For Employees

One Device. Any Task.

Today’s associates must be able to tackle any store operations task quickly and efficiently.

Scandit transforms smart devices into multifunctional tools that allow your associates to automate and speed through scan-heavy tasks. Boosting their productivity and delivering more value to your business.

Store Operations. Enhanced.

Every store associate using a Scandit-enabled device can carry out a multitude of tasks at a speed up to 3 times faster than dedicated scanning devices. It also provides access to real-time information for core tasks like inventory management and restocking.

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In-store order picker using augmented reality (AR) on a smartphone to find a product

Order Fulfillment at Speed

Our Smart Data Capture Platform provides unmatched scanning performance and superior ergonomics to increase order-picking speed and accuracy. Meaning you can fulfill more online orders with the same resources.

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For Customers

Lock in Customer Loyalty

Increase customer loyalty by powering consumer apps with Scandit Smart Data Capture to make shopping convenient, personalized and informed.

Customer Using Self Scanning App

A Smarter Way to Shop

Scandit empowers retailers to rapidly deploy self-scanning apps that perform with exceptional accuracy and unmatched speed. Additional functionality like upsell suggestions also enhances the bottom line.

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Woman scanning product information in store with smartphone scanning

Augment the Customer Experience

Transform your customers’ store experience with Scandit’s intelligent data capture features like augmented reality and MatrixScan. Deliver personalized coupons or real-time product information directly on-screen.

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Keeping Track of Your Shelves

ShelfView shelf management software is a ready-to-scale smart data capture and retail shelf analytics solution. It empowers more intelligent and efficient grocery store operations for inventory localization and execution of prices and promotions.

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Integrate Scandit into Any IT Environment

With the Scandit Smart Data Capture platform, it’s simple to enable barcode scanning, augmented reality and ID scanning on smart devices, native or web apps, in any enterprise architecture, with or without the need for integration.

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Join the leading retailers already using Scandit

8 of the top 10 U.S. grocers trust Scandit with the efficiency and experience of their stores. Get in touch with our team to learn more about working and shopping smarter.

kroger logo color“The great thing that I have always seen about Scandit and Kroger working together is that we share the same values and principles; lowering total cost of ownership which we refer to as cost to serve, improving efficiencies, and creating a great customer experience.”Chris Norris, Senior Manager of Product, In-Store Customer Experience

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