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Don’t Leave the Customer Waiting

Supercharge your clienteling app with smart data capture. Give associates real-time access to stock and product information, while allowing shoppers to pay via mPOS on the spot. It’s the best of online, in store, on one device.

clienteling assisted selling

Assisted Selling

With Scandit Smart Data Capture powering your clienteling app, a simple, ergonomic scan can turn any store associate into an instant expert to assist with confidence.

  • Compare products and access reviews
  • Complete the transaction in one interaction
  • Cut customer wait times by finding items fast
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clienteling stock information check

Endless Aisle

A store associate with a Scandit-powered clienteling app connected to the store infrastructure can check stock and product information on the spot. There is no need to go back-of-house and leave the customer waiting.

  • Rapidly scan and check stock availability in real-time, anywhere in store
  • Access the full product catalog and prevent lost sales and walkouts
  • Arrange purchases via click & collect and ship from store
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clienteling loyalty signup

Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS)

Long lines are a frequent cause of walkouts and lost purchases. With Scandit, store associates can conduct mPOS from their clienteling app and process payments with smart devices from anywhere in the store.

  • Reduce walkouts and checkout waiting times
  • Quickly scan passports for tax refund documentation
  • Manage the customer journey on a single device
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clienteling mpos

Personalized Experience

A quick scan of a customer loyalty card or an ID enables store associates to access a customer’s purchase history, rewards and streamline loyalty program sign-ups. Presenting opportunities to:

  • Increase the basket size via upsells and cross-sells
  • Make product recommendations based on previous purchases
  • Increase customer loyalty
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“With barcode scanning from Scandit, we are giving our colleagues in the dm stores a tool that will enable them to advise our customers even better.”Roman Melcher, Manager of dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG

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