Retail Store Operations Dollhouse Full View

Empower Store Associates to be More Productive

If you provide workers with the right tools, watch them work faster and smarter across multiple store operations tasks. Powered by Scandit Smart Data Capture and an intuitive user experience, associates can quickly ensure inventory and pricing accuracy - all with a single smart device.

Retail Store Operations Stock Taking

Stock Taking / Counting

Make it seamless and simple for workers to accurately receive goods and monitor stock levels in real-time with Scandit-powered apps on smart devices. With lightning-fast and error-proof inventory management, customers can buy what they like, when they like.

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MatrixScan Count

Price and Promotion Execution

Manually updating pricing and promotions is time-consuming. Ensuring the shelf price is the same as in the system is crucial or the store risks revenue loss and unhappy customers. With Scandit ShelfView, workers receive real-time guidance on updates with an intuitive augmented-reality overlay, and managers see a holistic view of price compliance.

  • Check prices 5x faster with immediate feedback from scalable shelf management software
  • Ensure pricing accuracy to avoid customer complaints and compliance fines
  • Maximize revenue from promotional campaigns
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Store operation restocking


Keeping shelves stocked is critical. Fortunately, this is simple for workers carrying a Scandit-powered smart device. Our high-performance scanning and out-of-the-box intuitive user interfaces ensure rapid restocking, so you never miss a sale.

  • Superfast, accurate and ergonomic scanning
  • Restock based on real-time inventory data
  • Integrate with inventory management systems to automatically generate restocking orders
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Retail Store Operations Markdown and Clearance

Markdowns and Clearance

Effectively sell off excess inventory to squeeze more revenue from existing stock. Using Scandit’s advanced capabilities, effortlessly scan and update items with guidance from on-screen AR.

  • Real-time feedback clarifies which items need action
  • AR-guidance ensures items are marked down by the correct amount
  • Fast and accurate scanning speeds up the process to help maximize revenue
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