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Hybrid Shopping Experience

Allow your customers to digitally interact with physical products using native or web applications on smartphones powered by smart data capture.

Customer Experience Search and find

In-Store Mobile Shopping

Don’t let space or inventory limitations hold your sales back. Meet customers' product assortment and information needs through a mobile interactive shopping experience using Scandit’s data capture and AR capabilities. Customers can:

  • Scan products and see relevant information displayed on screen
  • Instantly order with a few taps on their smartphone
  • Arrange pickup or delivery via the app
  • Check other locations for the item and hold for quick collection
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rewards and coupons

Rewards & Coupons

With Scandit’s MatrixScan Augmented Reality (AR) capability, the customer scans the product shelf with their smartphone and receives multiple, personalized product offers overlaid on their screen. With a single tap, customers can redeem offers.

  • Link your app with a loyalty program for targeted offers
  • Build loyalty with preference-based rewards
  • Gamify bargain hunting with an interactive shopping experience
  • Integrate with self-scanning apps for a real-time view of cart spend
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mobile shopping

Product Information

Online shoppers are empowered with a wealth of information that guides purchase decisions. With Scandit, make this information available easily on smartphones to boost store conversions. Use single scanning to open product information or customizable AR overlays to display:

  • Ratings and reviews that give customers confidence in their purchase
  • Comparisons to help customers decide which product best meets their needs
  • Information related to nutrition, sustainability, ingredients and more
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jisp logo“Through Scandit’s augmented reality within the Scan & Save app, Nisa shoppers can receive instant product information, including allergens and reviews, enabling informed buying decisions, uplifts in sales, shopper engagement, and retailer product ordering.”Greg Deacon, Jisp’s Chief Customer Officer

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