Retail. Redefined with Mobile Computer Vision.

Transform brick-and-mortar retail using mobile barcode, text, and object recognition technology and augmented reality.

Digitalize In-store Retailing

Scandit’s mobile computer vision technology featuring augmented reality optimizes the in-store shopping experience, driving higher revenue and customer satisfaction.

Smart Store Operations

Empower employees with barcode scanning-enabled mobile apps that improve customer interactions and streamline day-to-day operations in brick-and-mortar stores.

Innovate Deliberately

Deploy Scandit-powered retail apps with little risk and minimal investment. Augment an existing system and/or roll out a single digital project and see rapid improvement from your innovation efforts.

Compete like Amazon by thinking like Amazon

Learn how to transform brick-and-mortar retail systems using augmented reality and mobile barcode, text and object recognition.

Scandit Use Cases for the Retail Industry

Scandit’s mobile computer vision software supports many retail workflows, ranging from in-store processes to warehouse operations. Read on to learn more about how our powerful data capture tools can position your retail enterprise for continued success.

retail eco system diagram
  • Mobile Shopping
  • Augmented Product Info
  • Mobile POS
  • Clienteling
  • Click and Collect
  • In-Store Picking
  • Self Scanning & Self Checkout
  • Price Verification
  • Rewards & Coupons
  • Augmented Product Information
  • ID Verification
  • Shelf Management
  • Search and Find
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Stock Taking & Inventory Management

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