US Delivery Drivers and the Technology
They Use

Drivers are at the heart of the last mile and have a unique vantage point. So we surveyed 1,200 across 11 countries to hear it. We asked them:

  • What is the most commonly used device in the last mile? The answer revealed an overwhelming favorite.
  • What features would they like in their driver operations device?
  • Drivers also reveal the split between BYOD, corporate-owned smart device ownership models, and how it works for them.
  • This report includes a special section that is devoted to US delivery drivers.
Preview the report here:

What the Report Covers

Flexible employment models and technology

How the rise of flexible employment models, such as gig working or holding multiple jobs, has led to changes in technology selection for last-mile delivery companies.

What delivery drivers want

Better barcode scanning performance or advanced features like augmented reality and ID scanning? We asked drivers what features they wanted from their tech.

Driver technology tasks in the last mile

Devices are used for a range of tasks besides scanning parcels. Here we list out both the most popular and the ones that are being missed.

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