Reliably Scan, Pay, and Leave

Mobile self-scanning apps reduce customer wait time and free staff up from the checkout. Build high-performance self-scanning apps and future-proof them with add-ons like augmented reality (AR) with Scandit.

self scanning unmatched performance

Unmatched Performance and Exceptional Accuracy

Self-scanning apps are a way to offer contactless and convenient shopping. With a Scandit-powered app, you can provide shoppers with scanning that works every time, whatever the device or code.

  • Customers enjoy enterprise-grade scanning on any consumer smartphone, even when scanning tiny, crinkled and damaged barcodes
  • No need to provide expensive dedicated scanners, instead shoppers use their own familiar devices
  • Our proven technology powers self-scanning apps for 100+ major retailers across 12,000+ stores and millions of scans worldwide
easy integration

Easy Integration and Enterprise Support

A mobile self-scanning app is a cost-effective way to bring convenience to your customers. With the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK, it’s easy to integrate high-performance scanning and AR into existing systems.

  • Compatible with 20,000+ consumer devices
  • Integrates easily into new or existing apps
  • Can be simply configured to work with legacy systems
  • Specialist technical solutions and best practice support
self checkout

Cut Checkout Waits & Free Up Workers

Using self-scanning apps means busy customers can shop at their own speed and convenience, then self-checkout without queuing – so workers can be redeployed from the registers.

Customers simply use a Scandit-powered app to effortlessly scan items as they shop, pay and then leave – freeing up staff from the checkout to focus on other value-adding tasks.

industry use case capture customer data

Capture Customer Data

By providing a self-scanning app, you can gather approved first-party data on customers as they shop. Helping to understand preferences and shopping behavior that can be used to meet their needs.

Offer personalized rewards and present information on upsells and cross-sells that provide value for shoppers and boost revenue for retailers. See more on the digital in-store experience here.

How Scandit Helps
Across Retail

Grocery & Drugstore

Bring effortless convenience and smart data capture to your store

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Retail fashion industry

Fashion & Beauty

Give every customer a VIP experience

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Add self-scanning to your app in minutes.

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“Shopping on their smartphones should be a consistent and convenient experience, irrespective of the environment they scan the barcode, or the mobile device they use. While we expected a 99.9 percent scanning accuracy, Scandit delivered 100 percent accuracy, a feature that encourages more customers to use our scanning-based smartphone app.”Gael Robin, E-Commerce & Mobile Solutions Product Owner, Decathlon.

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