Meet Demand for Contactless Shopping with Self‑Scanning

Scandit helps retailers quickly deploy high performance self-scanning on smartphones to create safer, more contactless shopping experiences.

The Need for Contactless Shopping is Driving Self‑Scanning Adoption

The new environment has encouraged retailers to move towards contactless experiences to better protect consumers and employees, such as self-scanning solutions. Scandit’s enterprise-grade scanning software integrates easily into mobile shopping apps, enabling fast, contactless self-scanning or Scan & Go solutions on customer smartphones.

Self‑Scanning Cuts Queues & Bolsters Bottom Lines

Retailers must make shopping more contactless and enable social distancing in stores during COVID-19 – and for the foreseeable future.

Self‑scanning on personal smartphones allows people to touch fewer things in-store and reduce their risk of exposure. Scandit software enables retailers to rapidly deploy self-scanning with exceptional accuracy and unmatched speed on everyday smart devices.

Consumers simply use a Scandit-powered app to scan items as they shop, then pay and go. It’s quick, safe and contactless.

Retailers move shoppers through the store more quickly, serve more customers and ultimately bolster their bottom line.

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Meet Growing Demand with Fast, Reliable, Scalable Self‑Scanning

Safety conscious shoppers are turning to self-scanning options. Since February, Scandit’s customers have seen:

  • A 100% growth in consumer adoption of self-scanning apps.
  • Up to 15% of transactions in some store locations coming from self-scanning apps.

If you’re looking to launch self-scanning or scale-up existing operations, retailers like Coop Denmark, 7-Eleven and Globus have implemented successful self-scanning solutions and achieved tangible business results with Scandit.

Give your customers the fast, contactless experiences they need today, while providing a platform for ongoing digital transformation through features like augmented reality (AR) that can enhance self-scanning in the future.

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Fast, Reliable, Scalable Self‑Scanning

Why Scandit is the Right Solution for You

Choose a reliable solution that works smoothly on any customer’s device. Scandit technology is already enabling enterprise-grade scanning on more than 20,000 different consumer smartphone models, even lower-end devices, to help you drive adoption and retention.

No need to worry about products not scanning or returning the wrong data. Scandit-powered mobile apps significantly outperform other scanning software on any device, under any conditions with any barcode – even in low light, at a distance or at angles when shopping at speed.

We have already successfully supported many retailers with self-scanning. We’ve gathered extensive expertise to help you get going quickly and smoothly – Scandit software is easy to integrate in existing deployments. Contact our experts today to get started.


Watch our Self-Scanning Virtual Demos in action

Check out our Contactless Customer Shopping Webcast to see a Scandit Solutions Consultant run through a series of virtual demos focused on self-scanning. This short video covers use cases including mobile shopping, self-scanning in-store and augmented product information via AR overlays.

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