Contactless Shopping with Self‑Scanning

Scandit turns consumer smartphones into enterprise-grade barcode scanners so retailers can offer a contactless shopping experience.

Safe Shopping is Fuelling Self‑Scanning Adoption

The pandemic has spurred a massive take-up in self-scanning mobile apps. For grocers, it is a way to offer safe shopping to people on their weekly stock-up. For general retailers – as it becomes more popular – self-scanning will make the difference between whether consumers use your store or not.

Self‑Scanning Cuts Checkout Waits & Frees Up Staff

Self‑scanning on personal smartphones means customers can shop safely. It reduces the need to touch items in-store as well as the need to use the checkout.

Consumers simply use a Scandit-powered app to scan items as they shop, and pay. Then they leave – so there’s no need to interact with staff. It’s both convenient, and contactless.

To make it easier, Scandit software enables retailers to rapidly deploy self-scanning apps. These apps will perform with exceptional accuracy and unmatched speed. Self-scanning reduces shopping time. So the store can serve more customers and add to the bottom line.


Peerless Performance, Easy Installation, and Great Support

Self-scanning mobile applications provide customers with a contactless shopping option. Scandit provides retailers with peerless barcode scanning technology to make this happen.

Other benefits include:

  • Easy to install and integrate with the existing infrastructure.
  • Confidence your app will work every time for customers. This allows staff to be freed up from the checkout and onto other tasks.

Don’t take our word for it, you can test out both our native and web SDKs on your own phone.

In the unlikely event you have problems, we have expert technical support on hand to help deploy the right solution.

Our solution consultants are ready to work with your IT teams to rapidly migrate to a smartphone-based camera solution. So you can urgently meet any increases in demand.

Are you a developer? Test our SDK

contactless customer self-scanning

Why Scandit is the Right Solution for You

Find out how mobile computer vision, including augmented reality and high‑performance barcode scanning, can transform your retail experience.


Talk to us to get started with self-scanning

instacart logo“Even our staff love using the Scandit-powered smartphone apps that replace dedicated scanners and lower TCO without impacting scanning performance.”Simon Færch, Head of Digital Product Innovation and Digital, Coop Denmark.

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