Fast, Accurate ID Scanning in Your Mobile Apps

Scandit brings high-performance ID scanning software into mobile apps, enabling smart devices with a camera to capture data from different types of identity documents.

Typical uses include passport and boarding pass checks at airports, ID checks or age verification when making a purchase or onboarding to a new employee or consumer app.

The enterprise-grade solution combines barcode scanning, optical character recognition (OCR), and NFC technology, to enable scanning of Machine Readable Zones (MRZ), text, PDF417 codes, as well as biometric RFID chips.

Less Typing, Less Human Error With High-Performance ID Scanning Software

Enabling smart ID scanning software on mobile devices speeds up processes, eliminating manual data entry in workflows where employees or customers need to record personal information or capture ID document data.

With Scandit, businesses from industries such as retail, transport & logistics and air travel can scan identity documents and capture text and barcodes to complete crucial workflows.

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Customer App Onboarding

Help customers register or onboard onto apps and loyalty programs in seconds by scanning ID cards on their smartphones.

Employee App Onboarding

Onboarding new, temporary or seasonal workers, such as delivery drivers, accommodation hosts or taxi drivers, is easy. Scan identity documents and confirm relevant details, such as whether the person is registered driver.

Passport Scanning

Airport employees can be mobile, scanning passports on smart devices at check-in or at gates, speeding up boarding, reducing waiting times and offering a more personalized service. Human error is reduced and the software verifies document authenticity by reading the RFID chip on ePassports.

Age Verification

It’s simple and fast to confirm the age of a buyer before purchase. Simply scan identity documents when selling controlled goods, such as alcohol. The record of the age verification can also be stored.

What documents can you capture with Scandit?

Scan passports instantly with Scandit technology

ID Documents with Machine Readable Zone (MRZ)

Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTD) including ID cards, machine readable passports and visa stickers. These documents are standardized by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Supported on native mobile apps Android and iOS.

Scanning ePassports with NFC/RFID

ePassports with RFID

Electronically Machine Readable Travel Documents (eMRTD or ePassports), ePassports with RFID chips embedded.

Supported on native mobile apps on Android and iOS.

Scanning Drivers Licenses with a PDF417 Barcode

Drivers Licenses with a PDF417 Barcode

All driver’s licenses issued in the USA and Canada by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA).

Supported on native mobile apps on Android and iOS including Windows and Linux based devices and web-based apps (websites).

ID Documents without Machine-Readable Data

ID Documents without Machine-Readable Data

Data from driver’s licenses in the EU and US, and many other ID cards, can be captured by scanning the regular text containing personal details on the front of the license using text recognition (OCR).

Supported on native mobile apps on Android and iOS.

Integrate high performance ID scanning into any mobile app with Scandit

  • Enterprise-grade performance and support. Fast, secure barcode and text recognition to scan identity documents with professional, fully supported software – from implementation to maintenance to updates and more.
  • Secure. Security and data privacy is assured – all data extraction and processing is done entirely on the device.
  • Simple to use. Fast and easy integration with simple and well documented SDK.

Watch Scandit’s performance in action

How to add ID Scanning into your app

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Add ID Scanning to
Native Apps

Barcode Scanner SDK
  • Add the ability to scan and parse Machine Readable Zones (MRZ) from different ID documents, and RFID passports, to mobile apps on Android and iOS.
  • Directly scan the text containing the personal data located on the front of the driver’s license.
  • Enable the ability to scan and parse PDF417 barcodes on smart devices using Android and iOS, Linux and Windows.
  • An ID scanning code sample is included to help you get started.

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Add ID Scanning to
Web-Based Apps

Barcode Scanner SDK for the Web
  • Enable any web-based app or website to scan and parse the PDF417 barcode displayed on the back of US and Canadian driving licences.
  • SDK for the Web is very quick to implement into any web-based app or website.
  • All browsers types are supported.

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Alaska Airlines - Case study

Customer service agents now use iPad mini with Scandit software to quickly and accurately scan a variety of passenger and crew documents. Agents perform critical processes such as flight check-in, checked bags, seat changes, standby seat assignments, and passport and boarding pass verification, 20% faster than their previous scanning solution.

Valora - Case Study

Valora customers enjoy 24/7 cashless convenience stores with a self-scanning shopping app powered by Scandit. Scandit’s scan engine delivers error-free, fast and reliable barcode scanning performance for self-scanning shopping plus optical character recognition (OCR) to read the identity documentation needed for customer registration to the mobile app.

2019 Forrester New Tech Report: Enterprise Computer Vision Solutions

Read Forrester’s report on the global landscape of computer vision providers which they assessed by technology capabilities and ways in which computer vision is applied to business use cases. Categorized by maturity, Scandit is a “late stage vendor".