Make Vehicle Rental Convenient & Safe, One Scan at a Time

Create a customer-centric, contactless rental experience with easy-to-integrate mobile and web scanning powered by Scandit.

Fast, accurate scanning puts rental customers in control

Consumers in the vehicle rental industry are increasingly demanding a faster, more convenient digital experience. Put your customers in the driving seat and reduce contact with agency personnel by deploying high-performance scanning into mobile apps or websites to simplify and automate key processes, such as providing proof of identity.

Transform customer experience with ID scanning on the go

Add enterprise-grade ID scanning to any mobile app by integrating Scandit’s ID Scanning Software. Customers can quickly and accurately scan documents like driving licenses with their smart devices – giving instant access to the data you need to automate rental processes like online booking, on the road support and contactless vehicle access.

Our software combines barcode scanning and OCR capabilities to scan and parse data from drivers licenses from different countries, including the PDF417 barcodes on US and Canadian driving licences.

Delight customers with digital innovation

Use Scandit’s enterprise-grade scanning technology on smart devices to:

  • Speed up online bookings by enabling customers to capture driving license data – eliminating errors and removing the need to visit a rental facility.
  • Assist customers faster with on-the-road and claims enquiries with a quick scan of licenses to retrieve booking information.
  • Enable contactless, convenient vehicle access by enabling customers to activate an automated vehicle access process – no need to staff facilities 24/7.

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Why Scandit is the Right Solution for You

Reliable, accurate performance

Scandit’s enterprise-grade scanning works reliably and accurately for your customers, even in difficult conditions such as poor light or glare.

No app, no problem

Even without a dedicated app, you can easily incorporate mobile scanning into the customer journey.

Scandit’s SDK for the web lets users scan documents directly from your website using any camera-enabled device.

Integrate easily into any mobile app

Our patented technology can be easily added to native mobile or web apps – with or without the need for integration.

Power to decode multiple formats

We combine barcode scanning with text recognition (OCR) to handle scanning of multiple data formats, including text, PDF 417 barcodes and VIN numbers.

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