Making Car Rental Smoother for Customers and Employees

Smart Data Capture is a game-changer for car rental. Speeding up customer service, reducing wait times, and adding flexibility so employees can handle multiple tasks.

Delight Customers With ID Scanning On The Go

Use Scandit Smart Data Capture on smart devices to scan driver’s licenses:

  • Speed up online bookings by enabling customers to capture driving license data – eliminating errors and the need to visit a rental facility.
  • Making support easier for customers to make on-the-road and claims inquiries with a quick license scan to capture booking information.
  • Enable convenient vehicle pick up by enabling customers to activate an automated vehicle access process – no need to staff facilities 24/7.

The best thing about it? Customers don’t need to download an app but can use ID scanning in any web browser.

This is How

Boost Efficiency Through Innovation

Add Scandit Smart Data Capture to employee smartphones so they can deal with multiple car rental tasks. With Scandit that one device can become:

  • A productivity enabler:​​ to register a new customer, employees no longer type in information from the customer’s ID documents. With Scandit’s ID scanning, the device can capture the details with a simple scan.
  • A flexible multitool: with barcode scanning, VIN scanning (including VIN numbers via OCR), and ID scanning can turn the smart device into a multi-tool for many car rental tasks.
  • An employee helper: Use one device to accomplish various tasks be it inventory, customer registration, or service cases.

Scandit smart data capture powered apps allow fast and accurate identification of a vehicle or a customer. So, car rental associates can use one device to accomplish the many tasks that outlet needs to handle.

VIN code on smartphone screens

Why Scandit is the Right Solution for You


Better customer experience with ID Scanning

Improve customer experience and speed up car rental processes with smart data capture technology like ID scanning.

top performance

Boosting employee efficiency

Higher efficiency for employees for inventory checks and customer handling. Scandit Smart Data Capture improves vehicle and document information capturing directly using any camera-enabled device.

Combine barcode scanning, OCR and AR

Handle any ID document

Scandit combines barcode scanning with text recognition (OCR) to scan multiple data formats, including any type of barcodes, VIN numbers or ID cards.

We’re happy to help you get started with Scandit

Hertz is just one of the car rental companies we are helping to create a better customer and staff experience.

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