Automated ID scanning and validation is a broad area. It covers everything from checking the age or name on a person’s ID to conducting complex analysis of identity documents to verify if they are real or fake.

ID scanning and validation is a form of smart data capture. Scandit’s software captures data from IDs using a combination of text recognition (or optical character recognition/OCR), barcode scanning and image recognition. This data can be instantly analyzed, on-device, to determine if the ID is authentic.

The scanning and validation results can be used to enable real-time decision making and workflow automation at scale. For example, frontline workers can be given an instant age calculation from the extracted date of birth and/or guidance on whether an ID is real or fake.

It runs on any smart device with a camera, including smartphones, tablets and dedicated scanners.

Scandit’s automated ID verification products are split into two areas: 

ID Scan: What is on the ID?

Data extraction via barcode scanning, OCR and image recognition transforms the printed data on a physical ID into a digital format.

Supported documents

We support over 2000 documents worldwide by capturing data from a variety of different sources on IDs, including PDF417 barcodes, Machine Readable Zones (MRZ), Visual Inspection Zones (VIZ) and identity photos. Scandit supports not just current but older versions of IDs – important, because an ID can be valid for up to 10 years.

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→ Learn about the parts of an ID and how ID scanning works

Graphic showing the documents Scandit ID scanning software covers

Scan accuracy rates and parsing extracted data

Scandit has industry-leading scan accuracy rates.

  • 100% scan accuracy rate for IDs with PDF417 barcodes
  • 98% accuracy rate for IDs with Machine Readable Zones (MRZ)
  • 95% accuracy rate for Visual Inspection Zones (VIZ), with 100% accuracy for the date of birth field

The data is then organized into a form that is easy to read, easy to store and easy to query.

Graphic showing how data extracted from IDs through ID scanning is parsed into a form that easy to store, read and query

Results for three of the most popular ID verification tasks are also automatically provided as part of the scan result.

  • Is the ID expired?
  • Is this US Driver’s License a “REAL ID“?
  • How old is the owner of the ID?

ID Validate: Is the ID real or fake?

Scandit’s software can also take the hundreds of characteristics extracted from an ID and analyze them to check for forgery errors in order to verify if an ID is real or fake.

Scandit ID Verify software showing whether an ID is real or fake.

ID Validate is designed to be practical and scalable for time-pressured and customer-centric workflows such as last-mile delivery. The process takes only 1 second, works offline, and results are available instantly on any smart device.

Currently ID Validate is available for US drivers’ licenses and state IDs. To learn more about what characteristics we analyze, contact us.

Typical workflows

Across all use cases, automated ID scanning and validation reduces friction and limits business risk by speeding up ID verification workflows and removing the cost of human error.


  • Air Travel and Cruises: Boarding, mobile check-in and passenger management
  • Car Rental: Vehicle pick-up and self-service workflows

Transport and Logistics


  • Order Fulfillment: In-store or curbside pick-up of age restricted goods.
  • Clienteling and tax-free shopping: Record key data fields directly from an ID
  • Financing: Accurately capture ID data to enable background checks without manually filling out forms.

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User-centered design

Scandit has deep knowledge of ID verification workflows and builds technology that is practical and scalable for fast-paced, consumer-centered environments.

Our in-built guidance and intuitive user interfaces make scanning and validating IDs easy for anyone. Frontline workers and consumers with any level of digital literacy can complete ID verification processes with no need for training.

Graphic showing examples of ID scanning user interfaces


Security is vital when your business is processing identity data. Our processing and transmission methods are designed to protect personal data.

  • Compliant with applicable data privacy laws and business regulations, including GDPR and CCPA.
  • All data processing happens on device, unless verification method requires internet connection.
  • Any transmitted data is encrypted and anonymized.
  • No personal data is stored on the device.
  • Our enterprise support team can help meet any data security needs.

→ Learn more about Scandit’s approach to security

Integration guide

Integration of Scandit’s ID scanning is fast and easy, with a simple and well-documented SDK that includes samples and best practice guides to get you started.


Support across all major frameworks including Native iOS, Native Android, Web, React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, Cordova and Capacitor. We offer full feature parity across platforms.

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