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Flexible, Future-Proof Last Mile Operations

Unlock untapped superpowers with smart data capture technology. Scandit-powered smart devices with delivery barcode scanners can speed up and simplify any task for drivers, from van loading to proof of delivery, to increase productivity and profitability.

  • Deploy smartphones to replace expensive scanners
  • Speed through any task with smart data capture capabilities
  • Innovate operations and employee experience with one flexible device
driver operations sorting


With today’s delivery volumes, couriers need to sort parcels manually before loading them into their van. However, not having to scan packages one by one and displaying route or loading batch instructions visually makes sorting quick and easy.

  • Gain super speed through sorting with multi-scanning
  • Reduce sorting errors with augmented reality (AR)
  • Enable inexperienced workers through AR guidance
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driver operation loading vans

Loading the Van

With Scandit MatrixScan, drivers can scan multiple packages at once and see delivery zone data instantly overlaid on the smart device screen with AR. It’s a fast, simple and intuitive way to optimize package placement for van loading.

  • Reliable scanning in the dark or with damaged codes
  • Capture multiple barcodes in a single scan
  • See real-time parcel data for loading via augmented reality
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driver operations pickup


Track parcels in real-time and boost visibility by empowering employees with scanning-enabled smart device apps to confirm orders have been picked up from customers or lockers.

  • Eliminate the need for costly dedicated scanners
  • Enable enterprise-grade scanning on any smart device
  • Easy integration into any delivery app
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driver operations search and find

Search and Find

When drivers use augmented reality powered apps to scan every parcel in the back of a van at once to search and find the next delivery, the time savings throughout a shift soon add up.

  • Scan multiple barcodes at once for ultimate efficiency
  • Identify a single parcel fast with AR overlays on screen
  • Check real-time delivery instructions or the next drop off
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driver operations proof of delivery

Proof of Delivery

Using a single smartphone that fits in your pocket to scan barcodes, record an electronic signature, verify ID, take a photo and confirm proof of delivery, is much easier than carrying a bulky dedicated scanner around.

  • Consolidate to one device for any delivery task
  • Everyday smartphones replace expensive scanners
  • ID scanning for rapid, compliant age-verified delivery
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