Which Scandit ID Scanning Solution Is Right for You?

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Scandit ID scanning being used in last-mile delivery, car rental and air travel

Imagine giving your passengers faster airline check-ins, your car rental customers quicker booking and pick–up, or your delivery drivers smoother deliveries of age-restricted goods. Scandit’s ID scanning software makes identity verification easy for your customers, your frontline workers – and easy for you.

  • Scandit ID Bolt: Give your website visitors fast, foolproof self-serve ID scanning using a pre-built component maintained by Scandit.
  • Scandit Data Capture SDK: Build bespoke ID scanning solutions for Native, Web and cross-platform frameworks.

Want to find out exactly which ID scanning solution would work best for your business? Read on to find out more.


Why ID scanning can be tough

ID scanning serves two purposes: determining what’s on an ID document and verifying whether a document is real or fake. Both functions require domain expertise to get right, and both require development effort to match fast-paced business workflows and stringent regulatory requirements.

Replacing slow, error-prone manual ID checks in retail, travel and last-mile delivery with ID scanning improves customer experience, compliance and efficiency. But ID scanning can be tough. Here’s why:

  • There are literally thousands of identity document types around the world to keep up with.
  • Each document can have a variety of data types to extract.
  • If your software scans with less than 95% accuracy it forces employees to repeat their actions, or extracts bad or incomplete information.
  • If it takes longer than a second to scan, you risk frustrated customers and employees.
  • Maintaining compliance with data privacy laws and business regulations requires software that protects personal identifiable information (PII) and business data on devices and in transit.

Relying on open-source software or products that aren’t designed for fast customer interactions will only lead to user frustrations and business risks later on.

The solution: ID scanning built for fast-moving businesses

Scandit’s software scans IDs in just one second using a combination of text recognition (or optical character recognition/OCR), barcode scanning, and image recognition. This data is processed instantly and securely on-device.

The results help users make fast, informed decisions and enable back-end data collection for business analytics and compliance functions.

id verification delivery driver licence

Built on the experience of tens of millions of ID scans by Scandit customers annually, our ID scanning software supports over 2500 documents worldwide with industry-leading accuracy rates.

Designed to process all data on-device and encrypt all transmitted data, our software is compliant with applicable data privacy laws and business regulations, including GDPR and CCPA. All our ID scanning software extracts the necessary data to meet regulatory compliance.

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How to choose the right ID scanning solution

Scandit’s ID scanning solutions come in two flavors:

ID Bolt

Quickly deploy pre-built ID scanning into any website to reduce friction between you and your customers with ID Bolt – much like Apple Pay does for payments.

  • Capture ID data: Includes Scandit’s ID Scan capabilities.
  • Pre-built component where Scandit designs workflows, handles data extraction and ensures security.
  • Foolproof user interface that makes ID scanning easy for any user.
  • Ready to test in an hour: It takes just one hour to get ID Bolt into your staging environment and ready for testing. ID Bolt is up and running on your staging site in just a few hours.
  • Supports any modern web browser.

For example, an airline could embed ID Bolt into their website to allow passengers to scan passports at home, saving them from manually entering Advance Passenger Information (API).

You can try our ID Bolt interactive demo in your browser now.

Data Capture SDK

Our fully customizable SDK to build ID scanning and fake ID detection workflows into web and native applications.

  • Capture ID data and/or detect fake IDs. Includes both Scandit’s ID Scan and ID Validate capabilities.
  • Customize user interface elements, ID scanning workflows and more.
  • Supports Web and Native, with support for all major frameworks and programming languages.

For example, a last-mile delivery company could give a delivery driver native iOS ID scanning. This can calculate a customer’s age instantly based on the date of birth extracted from an identity document and alert the driver if forgery errors are detected.

Table outlining the differences between Scandit ID scanning solutions ID Bolt and the Data Capture SDK

Why you should consider Scandit ID scanning solutions

Both ID Bolt and the Data Capture SDK are built for industries where ID scanning speed and accuracy directly influence customer experience, and where secure data capture and regulatory compliance are must-haves.

Depending on your business goals and development resources, these solutions can solve any ID scanning challenge: rapid, deploy-anywhere components with ID Bolt and fully customizable software with the Data Capture SDK.

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