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Smart data capture, your way. From intuitive out-of-the-box options to impactful innovation – Scandit is obsessive about enhancing the user experience.

Native and Web SDKs turn smart devices into high-performance barcode scanners in minutes.

Featured Products


Pre-built barcode scanning to get you started fast.

Barcode Scanning SDKs

Native and Web SDKs for fast, accurate scanning.

Native and Web SDKs to scan multiple barcodes and add insights with augmented reality overlays.


MatrixScan Count

Pre-built component to count inventory quickly.

MatrixScan Find

Pre-built component to find products and packages with AR.

Get access to Scandit’s capabilities instantly, no coding required.


Scandit Express App

Add no code advanced barcode scanning to apps instantly.

Our Native and Web SDKs quickly, accurately and securely verify identity documents.


ID Scan & Validate

Scan IDs and detect fake IDs in 1 second.

Keep track of your shelves with constant shelf visibility and real-time, actionable insights.



Retail shelf management and analytics solution.

The Scandit Difference.

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Trusted by 3 of the Top 5 Global Retailers

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What Scandit has is an impressive product line that will not only help us unlock a great customer experience but help us to deliver cost savings and efficiencies for the business.

Trusted by 4 of the Top 5 Global Couriers

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We are delighted in our partnership with Scandit in terms of product quality, technical support and their roadmap for future innovation – factors critical to the success of our transformation program.

Trusted by 3 of the Top 5 Global Logistics Brands

Scandit offered MatrixScan AR and GS1 parsing functionality that enabled users to capture all the barcodes on each shipping label in a single instance and record all the data at once, saving significant amounts of time in the receiving process.

Trusted by 5 of the Top 10 Largest Global Transportation Companies

Our operating staff deliver superior customer service by scanning boarding passes, passports, luggage packages, and coupons with Scandit-powered mobile devices instead of traditional scanner devices.

Trusted by 4 of the Top 5 Global Manufacturers

We see Scandit as a long term partner, offering much more than a scanning solution. As we collaborate and work towards continuous improvement of our order app, we look to Scandit for opportunities to innovate and enhance its functionality.

The Proven Choice for Mobile Developers

Ship quickly with our flexible APIs. Scandit’s software works on a variety of operating systems, frameworks, 3rd party systems and OEM devices.

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