Swiss Post, the national post service of Switzerland, integrated Scandit Smart Data Capture into the Nemo mobile platform, empowering employees to complete last mile tasks with high-performance scanning and augmented reality guidance on Samsung smartphones.

With over 200 million parcels and 1.7 billion letters to deliver annually, improving efficiency and future-proofing operations was critical. As part of Swiss Post’s digitalization strategy, deploying smart data capture helped modernize workflows and enabled drivers to work with speed and ease.

Scandit Smart Data Capture is very natural and straightforward to use for our drivers. By integrating it into our last mile processes, they use the Nemo app as normal but now the scanning component is very efficient and accurate. It’s a key part of their daily job.
Sascha Zingg, IT/Business Unit Leader, Swiss Post


Swiss Post faced several significant challenges in its last mile delivery process before the Nemo launch.

These included:

  • Inefficiencies in the overall process, including manual parcel sorting and delivery planning
  • Difficulty locating specific shipments within delivery vehicles, resulting in delays and lower service quality
  • Reliance on paper-based systems, which further slowed down operations and increased the risk of errors

With the growing demands of a modern logistics environment, operational efficiency is paramount.

Swiss Post looked to smart data capture technology to help drive greater reliability and accuracy of service. It also wanted to streamline and standardize cumbersome or time-consuming processes for delivery workers, like finding the right parcel at each stop.

Both are key factors in unlocking improved customer satisfaction and operational success.


Swiss Post implemented a comprehensive digital solution – a smartphone app integrating Scandit Smart Data Capture – to fundamentally reshape its last mile delivery processes.

The Nemo mobile app was a game changer. Featuring a user-friendly interface and helping to streamline many of the previously manual workflows by leveraging Scandit’s high performance scanning and advanced capabilities.

One advanced capability, MatrixScan AR, enables Swiss Post to present real-time digital information, such as drop-off zones or the correct package for the current stop, with an AR overlay on the device screen. This has helped significantly improve the efficiency of processes, including parcel location-based loading within delivery vehicles.

Zingg commented, “Now drivers can find a package in the back of the van very quickly thanks to Scandit MatrixScan AR. Drivers tell me that scanning within the app is now much faster and easier to use. They love it!

The Nemo app contains over 25 functions including:

  • Advice on the best delivery route
  • Scanning and tracking the parcels
  • Proof of delivery

Swiss Post’s transition to the Nemo app was meticulously planned and executed. Employee feedback played a critical role in the testing and refining of the app and its smart data capture functionalities.

The aim was to ensure the tool was practical and enhanced employees’ daily operations.

The shift from traditional methods to technology-based operational efficiency positioned Swiss Post at the forefront of modern postal services.

The move also allowed Swiss Post to meet the evolving demands of the logistics industry, particularly in the B2B sector.


Swiss Post witnessed remarkable improvements in its last mile delivery efficiency at scale, following the deployment of the Nemo app, powered by Scandit Smart Data Capture technology.

Enhanced operational efficiency

Various core delivery processes across its operations were faster and more streamlined, helping to improve the handling of over 200 million parcels and 1.7 billion letters annually.

As well as top barcode scanning performance, Scandit Smart Data Capture technology drastically reduced the time needed for drivers to sort and locate parcels within delivery vehicles.

Using AR-enabled quick and accurate identification of parcels, reducing delivery times and making life easier for drivers.

Ultimately this efficiency gain translated into faster deliveries and improved service quality.

Improved employee training and integration

The application simplified the training process for new employees by providing AR guidance to complete delivery processes.

It also allowed quicker integration into Swiss Post’s operational framework, reducing the learning curve for new staff while allowing experienced staff to appreciate the benefits.

Zingg comments, “We have received a lot of applause in team sessions since we fully rolled it out. The whole team sees great advantages from finding the right parcel in the back of the van. We have truly streamlined our last mile delivery capabilities and workflows.

A boost to customer satisfaction and service reliability

Overall, the Scandit-powered app improved delivery accuracy and Swiss Post saw a significant boost in speed and reliability.

This helped cement Swiss Post’s reputation in the competitive postal and logistics industry and enhance customer satisfaction.

A platform for future innovation

The successful implementation of the Nemo app and Scandit technology also positioned the company as a forward-thinking player in the B2B sector. One capable of adapting to and leveraging technological advancements for operational excellence.

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