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Mobile computer vision and augmented reality (AR) solutions for VIN Scanning, m-Ticketing, Mobile Banking, and Health and Fitness.

Make it Faster and More Convenient with Mobile Barcode Scanning

We help enterprises across different industry sectors automate, simplify and speed up regular processes to differentiate customer service and reduce operational costs. Our high-performance mobile barcode scanning software with augmented reality (AR) turns any smart device into a powerful, enterprise-grade mobile scanner.

Capture Your Customers’ Attention with Mobile Scanning

A great self-scanning app can capture data and access any data source to give personalized information to your customers, whether they are using for instance a mobile banking, a health tracking or any other kind of consumer facing application.

Put Simplicity and Speed into the Hands of Your Employees

By moving regular operational processes onto flexible, easy-to-use mobile devices, teams across organisations share consistent, real-time data to bring significant efficiency and cost benefits.

Reduce Costs with Future-proof Software Solutions

Replacing inflexible infrastructure with powerful mobile software solutions reduces hardware costs immediately. And new levels of efficiency and productivity go straight to the bottom line.

Think out of the box to delight customers and re-engineer operations.

Explore these examples of how Scandit’s mobile computer vision technology can be tailored in any industry – but don’t let your imagination hold you back.

Mobile Ticketing

m-ticketing takes the heat out of a laborious process for event organizers and customers - but it has to be fast and accurate under pressure. The speed and accuracy of Scandit mobile scanning is unrivaled, even in challenging conditions such as poor light or with crumpled tickets. This means event organisers can rest easy about customer service and avoid extra operational costs.

VIN Scanning

Car dealers, manufacturers and government organizations can use Scandit-powered smart devices to capture vital VIN data, enabling fast retrieval of information about a vehicle. Combining mobile barcode scanning with text recognition (OCR) in a mobile app creates a powerful tool to manage essential processes and data.

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Mobile Banking Apps - Scan-to-Pay

Scan-to-Pay means no more manual typing (with associated errors) of invoice numbers and account numbers when making payments with a mobile banking app. The user simply scans a payment slip or invoice to capture payment details into the app. Either mobile barcode scanning software is used to scan QR codes, or text recognition (OCR) to read alphanumeric information.

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Health and Fitness Apps

Health and Fitness apps on smart devices track biometrics, nutrition and exercise information. By adding Scandit mobile scanning with augmented reality (AR), the user could also access real-time information on food products, for example to see ingredients and health information.

children in classroom

[Scandit’s] proprietary mobile computer vision perfectly complements the asset tracking capabilities we facilitate for our trailblazers, such as OUSD. looks forward to future opportunities to work with Scandit in enabling our customers to take advantage of high- performance mobile barcode scanning using employees’ own smart devices.

Adam Roberts

Senior Program Manager, K-12 Strategic Partnerships,

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GfK expanded user base x15 - Case study

Global supplier of market information for the consumer goods and commodities industry, GfK, used a barcode scanning mobile app to collect data from the field more easily than with dedicated handheld scanners. In addition to expanding their user base, they’re now collecting more consistent data and are able to respond better to new customer requirements.

About the Industries that Scandit Supports

See how major industries use Scandit - in retail, transport & logistics, healthcare and field service.

2018 European Retail Automation Technology Innovation Award - Industry Report

Learn how Scandit flips the traditional in-store dynamic by putting computer vision, augmented reality (AR) and machine learning in shoppers’ and store employees’ hands, using a simple smartphone.

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