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Delivery Driver
Case Study

Yamato - How Yamato Optimized Scanning for Delivery and Transportation

Yamato Transport, a leading Japanese logistics company, has optimized scanning performance for delivery and transportation operations with Scandit.

YP Bookstore
Case Study

YP Books - Boost Store Management Efficiency with Scandit

Discover how YB Books increased employees productivity and reduced costs associated with scanning devices with Scandit Smart Data Capture.

Case Study

VF Corporation - Increasing Omnichannel Sales While Improving Customer Experience

VF Corporation, a leading apparel company, leverages Scandit Smart Data Capture to boost omnichannel revenue and customer experiences.

Landmark Store
Case Study

Landmark Group - Superior Scanning Enables BYOD Strategy and Boosts Performance

Discover how Landmark Retail improved their store operations and customer experience with Scandit Smart Data Capture.

Case Study

EK Retail - MatrixScan AR Increases Product Order Efficiency Three-fold

Deploying Scandit Smart Data Capture capabilities not only saved EK employees time to network at the trade fairs, but also helped convert all their customers to the EK app in a short period of time. In less than four years, all trade fair visitors have adopted the app.

Train Stockholm Public Transit
Case Study

SL - How Stockholm Public Transport Launched Digital Ticketing

SL’s ticketing system was enhanced with a cloud-based platform and Android smart devices using the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK, resulting in improved crew satisfaction and ticket scanning efficiency.

maxima sel-scan in store
Case Study

Maxima - Maxima Estonia Innovates Customer Experiences with Self-Scanning

An already-existing mobile app was quickly transformed with Scandit Smart Data Capture to deliver a first-class customer experience in all of Maxima’s physical stores.

vytal employee package
Case Study

Vytal - Vytal Cuts Waste With Reusables and Unlocks Inventory Insights With Smart Data Capture

More than 6000 Vytal partners can boost sustainability, save costs and remain compliant through Scandit-powered smartphones.

scan and go ignica
Case Study

U.S.M.H. - Smart Data Capture Makes Retail Work Simpler and Shopping Experiences Smoother at U.S.M.H

U.S.M.H., an alliance of supermarket operators in Japan, deployed Scandit Smart Data Capture into employee and customer-facing apps to deliver simplified, superior scanning experiences.

Case Study

River Island - Smart Data Capture Unlocks Uplifted Employee and Customer Experience

River Island, one of the UK’s leading high street fashion retailers, integrated Scandit Smart Data Capture into their employee-facing app on Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro rugged smartphones as part of their innovative approach to digital transformation across their stores.

Case Study

Forum Sport - Smart Data Capture Speeds Up Inventory Management

Forum Sport integrated Scandit Smart Data Capture into their in-house employee app, Kaptura Mobile, which helps store associates manage stock and inventory. With Scandit, Forum Sport has streamlined processes and improved speed and efficiency.

Case Study

DCK Group - Smart Data Capture Decreases Product Markdown Process Time by 50%

DCK integrated Scandit Smart Data Capture into its product markdown process as part of their overall business digital transformation programme.