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Woman scanning a product in a pharmacy using a smartphone
Best Practice Guide

Boost Pharmaceutical Revenue and Compliance through Digitalized B2B E-commerce Ordering

Pharmaceutical manufacturers, find out how equipping B2B buyers with smart device scanning improves reordering efficiency, compliance and revenue.

Best Practice Guide

Build the Future of Order Fulfillment (Now) With Smart Devices

Find out how to set up an order fulfillment system and application using smart devices. This guide covers everything from the technology the device needs to examples of retailers who have implemented it.

Clienteling Augmented Product Information
Best Practice Guide

Create the Future of Assisted Selling Now

Here we’ll examine how equipping fashion store associates with modern smartphones and data capture software creates the future of assisted selling- and highlight the key factors for success.

scan product with smartphone
Best Practice Guide

Drive CPG Revenue through Digitalized B2B E-commerce Ordering

CPG manufacturers, find out how equipping product buyers with scanning-enabled apps drives user adoption and sales by improving buyer convenience.


Driving Differentiation in Last Mile Delivery

Explore these megatrends shaping logistics with expert viewpoints, industry statistics and executive insight from our global research study with leading last mile businesses.

mPOS smartphone
Best Practice Guide

No More Sleds, Time to Future-proof Your mPOS

In this guide, explore why sleds are becoming obsolete and how to future-proof your mPOS setup with Scandit.

Best Practice Guide

Transform Your Store Operations App Like a Boss

How Scandit’s technology can improve every aspect of your store ops applications. By implementing a one-device strategy, specific Scandit features can improve every aspect of your staff’s workflow.

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Best Practice Guide

Time to Replace Laser Scanners: Myth-busting Software Scanning

In this guide we bust some common myths about scanning-enabled smart devices and explore why they are becoming the de facto technology choice for logistics and delivery enterprises.

Best Practice Guide

Cut Operational Costs, Not Efficiency: Tackle Air Travels New Challenges

Explore how airlines can reduce operations costs, add efficiency and go contactless by deploying barcode and ID scanning-enabled mobile apps for passengers and staff.

Best Practice Guide

Best of Scan and Go – How Brands Have Used it to Achieve Their Aims

Scan and Go – or Self-Scanning – is already well established. But there is so much more to when you deliver it via a smartphone application. So we have collected the best Scan and Go apps we have helped our clients build.

Clienteling Augmented Product Info
Best Practice Guide

A Smarter Model for Accurate Fashion Inventory Data

Accurate inventory data has never been more important as online orders surge for fashion retailers. Here we explore how putting one powerful tool – the smartphone – in your employees hands keeps inventory current, orders fulfilled and operations optimized.

Best Practice Guide

How to 10x Your Scan and Go App

A Scan & Go app needs to be created with an eye on the future. As consumers become used to shopping in-store with their smartphones, the stores that can offer more functionality will keep their custom. Here we show you how to do that.