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Scandit Express Product Brochure

Requiring no software changes or coding effort, the Scandit Express barcode scanner is compatible with any app or system. Learn more.

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Best Practice Guide

Mastering the Inventory Balancing Act

Understand the causes, impacts and solutions related to inventory distortion in retail.

Best Practice Guide

Level Up Like a Pro – Lessons from Leading Retailers

Take a look at how leading brands are using Scandit Smart Data Capture to level up the efficiency and effectiveness of their retail operations.

Best Practice Guide

What is Mobile Augmented Reality?

Mobile augmented reality (AR) is the use of AR on a mobile device to overlay computer-generated content onto the real world.

Best Practice Guide

Streamline Supply Chain Workflows With Just One Download

Supply chain work has more than its fair share of repetitive tasks like counting and scanning. Here’s how to make smart devices handle the load.

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Best Practice Guide

Building the Ultimate Supply Chain App: 26 Simple Steps

Here are the steps to ensure your app bridges the physical and the digital to create a supply chain app your employees love.

Air Travel Guide

ETIAS is Coming: A Guide for Airline Tech and Operations Teams

A guide into how airlines can prepare for the upcoming ETIAS visa requirements coming into force in 2025.

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Best Practice Guide

Introducing the Hidden World of Fake IDs

Dive into the alarming rise of fake IDs with 32% of college students admitting to possession, and how popular platforms are unintentionally aiding their spread.

Best Practice Guide

AI Take-Off: 17 Airline Innovations Boosting Experience and Reducing Costs

Here is how AI-related technology like machine learning, automation and smart data capture is helping airlines to drive innovation and reduce costs.