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last mile delivery
Best Practice Guide

Tackling Age Verification in the Last Mile

Reduce Risk and Meet Demand with Scalable Smartphone Scanning Apps.

Gift Registration
Best Practice Guide

No App? No Problem. How to Successfully Add Scanning to your Retail Website

How to successfully add scanning to your retail website, without straining IT resources.

Healthcare Scandit
Best Practice Guide

A Manifesto for Modern Mobility in Nursing

Today’s healthcare organizations need to ensure nurses are able to operate effectively, wherever the patient is located. Scandit’s smartphone scanning technology can provide, enabling functions such as barcode medication admin.

Scandit - Sorting Post Parcel
Best Practice Guide

How Smart Devices Deliver Flexible Operations and Help Scale Deliveries

Another peak is always coming, delivery companies need to scale workforces or risk being stuck in neutral. See how smartphone scanning helps scale at the speed of need.

Best Practice Guide

Fulfil Remote Assistance Demand with Smartphone Scanning & AR

Read how enhancing remote assistance with easy-to-use smartphone scanning and augmented reality on everyday smartphones can boost customer satisfaction and allow enterprises to track assets in real time.

mPOS smartphone
Best Practice Guide

Reshaping Fashion for a New Era with Smartphone Scanning & AR

How mobile scanning helps to safely engage and delight customers, boost staff efficiency and satisfaction and make a meaningful impact on the bottom line.

Best Practice Guide

Five Data Capture Questions Transport & Logistics Must Consider

Examine the key considerations to help choose the right mobile data capture and scanning solution for transport & logistics.

Best Practice Guide

How Mobile Computer Vision Can Help You Master the Last Mile

Explore how to transform your last mile ecosystem including six tips to get started today.

Best Practice Guide

The 2020 Enterprise Android Device Guide for Barcode Scanning

Select the right device for your scanning needs.

Best Practice Guide

Capture and Exploit Data in Your Business Processes with Scandit & SAP

Improve operational efficiency with SAP and Scandit.

Best Practice Guide

How Smart Devices Are Changing the Hospital Landscape

Mobile computer vision optimizes patient care and helps control costs.

Best Practice Guide

5 Ways Smart Device Scanning Boosts Healthcare Systems

Digital workflows built on smart devices for better patient care.