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retail fashion augmented reality scanning smart phone
On-Demand Webinar

Expert Panel Debate: Fashion Boom or Doom

Watch three experts explore the future of in-store fashion, highlighting key consumer and technology trends that will separate the success stories from the unfashionable.

Is Your Last Mile Technology Fit for Purpose
On-Demand Webinar

Enabling the Last Mile Delivery of Anything

Last mile themed panel discussion presented by Reuters Events, featuring experts from Scandit, Hillebrand and Gorillas.

Woman scanning a product in a pharmacy using a smartphone
Best Practice Guide

Boost Pharmaceutical Revenue and Compliance through Digitalized B2B E-commerce Ordering

Pharmaceutical manufacturers, find out how equipping B2B buyers with smart device scanning improves reordering efficiency, compliance and revenue.

Best Practice Guide

Build the Future of Order Fulfillment (Now) With Smart Devices

Find out how to set up an order fulfillment system and application using smart devices. This guide covers everything from the technology the device needs to examples of retailers who have implemented it.

last mile delivery
Research & Analyse Reports

Is Your Last Mile Technology Fit for Purpose? pt 2.

The last mile is always evolving. In the new, digital post pandemic reality, delivery businesses face many challenges to protect customer satisfaction and profitability. And the technology in your driver’s hands can make or break last mile outcomes.


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last mile scanning
On-Demand Webinar

The Last Mile Balancing Act

How to strike the right balance by digitalizing day-to-day last-mile processes and leveraging computer vision and AR technology on smart devices.

Clienteling Augmented Product Information
Best Practice Guide

Create the Future of Assisted Selling Now

Here we’ll examine how equipping fashion store associates with modern smartphones and data capture software creates the future of assisted selling- and highlight the key factors for success.

scan product with smartphone
Best Practice Guide

Drive CPG Revenue through Digitalized B2B E-commerce Ordering

CPG manufacturers, find out how equipping product buyers with scanning-enabled apps drives user adoption and sales by improving buyer convenience.

infographic Technicians Journey

Field Service Workflows: A Technician’s Journey

Think of a Scandit-enabled smartphone as a pocket assistant – readily at hand to boost a technician’s efficiency during their working day. Here’s how it can save time with routine tasks and boost customer satisfaction.

Stocking taking retail
On-Demand Webinar

A Look at the Future of Assisted Selling

Four quick demos showing how stores can enable barcode scanning smartphones to do everything from product lookup to mPOS.

In store smartphone scanning of a product using AR technology
Research & Analyse Reports

How The Pandemic Reshaped In-Store Order Fulfillment

Exclusive research into how the pandemic has changed the way US retailers handle online order fulfillment. We have spoken to retail executives across the country about omnichannel retail and how it has changed their organization.