Accurately Track Medical Consignment Inventory

Eliminate expensive manual errors. Track high‑value medical consignments error‑free, protect inventory and revenue.

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Maximize Time, Revenue and Compliance

Transform smart devices into fast and accurate consignment inventory tracking tools. Get rid of error-prone, manual medical device inventory tracking processes with the Scandit Smart Data Capture platform.

Streamline Stock Taking at Point‑of‑Storage

A Scandit-powered app on any smart device helps streamline medical device inventory at the point-of-storage by innovating and automating processes.

  • Scan and parse individual or multiple UDI labels in a single scan
  • Capture 1D or 2D barcodes, record non-barcoded LOT and REF numbers
  • Highlight expiration dates with AR overlays, ensuring patient safety and compliance
  • Record an entire shelf in a single scan with superfast MatrixScan
  • Quickly and accurately scan in disparate hospital environments, such as low-light and glare, or hard-to-reach top or bottom shelves

Reliably Record Medical Device Consumption at Point-of-Use

Medical device manufacturers can use smart data capture on a smartphone to:

  • Accurately scan and track medical device consumption before surgery
  • Verify products are in-date for patient use
  • Ensure revenue is received for devices that are consumed
  • Digitalize patient sheets post surgery, saving time on manual entry of product codes
  • Stock is accurately replenished, preventing stock and revenue losses

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Record Consumption Consignment

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“Accurate, barcode scanning was critical for our company’s surgical consumption recording. Scandit’s smartphone scanning solution was the most robust and reliable.”Global Medical Device Company

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Trace Medical Device Inventory with a Smartphone

Replace expensive, high-maintenance bluetooth and RFID scanners with familiar and affordable smart devices – integrated with Scandit-powered apps, these devices help you track exactly where and when medical devices are used.


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