Mobilizing the Last Mile: BYOD or COPE?

Safety, Scalability, Satisfaction, Savings - What’s Your Priority?

Mobile scanning software on smartphones is bringing new value to the last mile. To truly maximize the benefits, identify the best-fit deployment strategy for your business. Let us introduce two popular options:

BYOD Scanner: Where Cost, Speed and Scalability are Key

With BYOD employees use their personal smartphones for work.

With a scanning-enabled app they can complete last mile tasks, like proof of delivery, on their device.

For the enterprise, it’s more cost effective. No need to provision or maintain hardware. It’s also quicker to onboard workers for seasonal or unplanned peaks – no need to ship a device, minimal training required.

However, you need to ensure their devices are up to the job. Usage and security policies are a must.

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Considerations and Benefits:
No One Size Fits-all

Ultimately, there is no one-fits-all solution. The decision depends on your company needs and profile. Learn about the benefits of both strategies in our infographic.

It’s not an either or choice. Many companies adopt a hybrid model. Here diverse deployment models are used for different divisions, employee groups or even processes, aligned to specific outcomes.

Scandit helps enterprises successfully deploy enterprise-grade barcode scanning apps on both personal and business-owned smartphones.

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Why Delivery Businesses Trust Scandit

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We have helped leading delivery businesses to replace hardware scanners with smartphones to drive efficiency, lower TCO and create a platform for future innovation.

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Your drivers’ BYOD or COPE smart device becomes a high-performance scanner – Scandit works on over 20,000 device models.

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technical support from Scandit

Our enterprise-level support helps you at every stage from designing, building, deploying and post-live services.

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More COPE & BYOD Scanner Insights

Infographic: BYOD or COPE?

When it comes to the last mile, mobility is more important than ever before. Here we highlight the contrasting benefits between two popular mobile deployment strategies - BYOD and COPE.

La Poste - Case Study

France’s largest mail delivery provider, La Poste upgraded the open source scanning component of their employee app for mail and parcel deliveries with Scandit-powered smartphone scanning.

Yodel - Case Study

Delivery company Yodel, is phasing out existing parcel delivery scanners, replacing them with a mobile app for delivery drivers to use their own smartphones or company-provided devices.