Out-of-home delivery and pick-up (PUDO) has steadily made itself a standard delivery method. Why? Simply put, it’s both a convenient and straightforward concept for the consumer.

Retailers and delivery companies are also embracing it. PUDO reduces costs and missed deliveries for delivery companies and increase customer choice for e-commerce providers. For retailers providing PUDO services – such as convenience stores or gas stations – it provides an upsell opportunity.

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But it’s not without challenges. One major issue is the difficulty and time wasted by employees finding the right parcel at the PUDO point or locker.

Here we’ll demonstrate:

  • How to revolutionize parcel retrieval and inventory management, making PUDO processes faster and more accurate.
  • The feature that will transform how employees locate and manage parcels, enhancing their efficiency and improving customer satisfaction.
  • An augmented reality solution that can be integrated into your existing app in minutes.

A PUDO challenge in the store and at the lockers

Amidst the transition from traditional delivery methods to PUDO, certain challenges have come to light, particularly in retail environments. Unlike dedicated postal centers, stores and lockers lack the streamlined infrastructure that simplifies parcel identification and retrieval.

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This disparity can lead to issues. Imagine store associates struggling to locate specific packages tucked away at the back of the store, delaying customer interaction and causing them to wait.

Introducing MatrixScan Find

Introducing MatrixScan Find. It fits onto an existing app and handles those tedious manual searching tasks for you.

It combines Scandit’s fast, accurate barcode scanning with a pre-built AR interface. It can be deployed with just a few lines of code to accelerate processes, reduce or eliminate human error and get new hires up and running fast.

Perfect for an employee facing 50 lockers or a store associate in a busy store.

4 MatrixScan Find PUDO benefits - for your customers & employees

Faster parcel retrieval in the PUDO point

MatrixScan Find changes the parcel retrieval process by eliminating the need for manual searching.

Frequently, the store associate needs to leave the checkout to go to the back of the store and find the parcel. They could be faced with many items, in any order, with the only identifier being the delivery number.

All MatrixScan Find needs to the parcel delivery number

But that’s all MatrixScan Find needs. Just point the device at the parcels – it will scan all those barcodes simultaneously and notify the user of the right one, saving time and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Frictionless parcel discovery with augmented reality

PUDO Search and Find MatrixScan Checkmarks SamsungXCover5

How is the store associate notified of the right parcel?

When store associates scan shelves using a smart device’s camera, the magic of AR comes to life. Imagine a scenario where similar-looking parcels are neatly arranged on shelves.

Through Scandit’s sophisticated AR integration, the correct parcel becomes vividly apparent. The associate’s device screen transforms into a virtual guide, highlighting the specific package on-screen.

And lockers? Opening them up for returns? Or in the van looking for the parcels for a specific locker? It works the same way.

No developer time? Put augmented reality on your app in minutes

Incorporating MatrixScan Find into your app is a rapid and hassle-free process, taking just a few minutes from start to finish.

Implementation becomes remarkably straightforward with the user-friendly SDK and pre-built AR interface. The latter is optimized for user experience based on learnings from numerous user tests and search and find use cases.

Customize the parameters to align with your app’s requirements, and after quick in-situ testing, deploy the updated version.

The beauty of MatrixScan Find lies not only in its advanced capabilities but also in its quick and efficient integration.

Enabling efficiency and focus for more time on what is important

assisting customers in the front of the store

The average smart device can do many things. But it can’t spend time talking to customers who want to chat, and it can’t drive the delivery van or handle a route change.

MatrixScan Find, like much of Scandit Smart Data Capture technology, is designed to take on the tedious, time-consuming tasks that take up valuable employee time and focus.

By helping the store associate find customer parcels, it enables the employee to do these things and more. Allowing them to become more efficient without even trying.

3 typical examples of MatrixScan Find in action

Scenario 1: Fast parcel delivery at the PUDO point

In a typical bustling and narrow city street, Jon, a delivery driver, has reached a store that is a PUDO point. He has to park outside. He needs to hand over the right parcels quickly and get on the move to avoid creating a traffic logjam.

Opening the van and using MatrixScan Find on his smart device app, he scans the parcels in the back.

The AR overlay instantly highlights the correct parcels, so he can hand them over without delay. He can then get out of the way and onto the next store.

Scenario 2: The new employee is faced with another new task

It’s David’s first day in the store and he has to locate a customer’s parcel for pick up to assist the waiting customer. This is his first time navigating the parcel section, and he’s unsure how the parcels are arranged.

With his smart device equipped with MatrixScan Find, David confidently heads to the parcel section. As he activates MatrixScan Find’s augmented reality feature, the device’s camera becomes the guide.

He scans the shelves, and instantly, the screen highlights the parcel he’s looking for. Taking the guesswork out of finding the right one.

Scenario 3: Effortless returns sorting under pressure

Elena, a delivery driver, is on a tight schedule. She approaches her 5th smart parcel locker that morning. She must go through all 30 compartments to check all the parcels and remove any that should be returned to the depot.

She opens up all the compartments at once. Using MatrixScan Find on her smart device, she scans the parcel labels. The AR overlay instantly highlights the correct parcel, ensuring precise returns selection without delays.

Unleashing PUDO's potential with MatrixScan Find

In the ever-evolving landscape of the last mile, the need for efficiency, accuracy, and enhanced customer experience has never been greater.

Customer delivery PUDO

MatrixScan Find emerges as a game-changing solution, poised to transform how PUDO services operate for customers and employees.

How it helps:

  • Customers. Faster parcel retrieval, eliminating frustrating wait times and enhancing overall satisfaction.
  • Employees. Both new and experienced employees can use augmented reality to streamline their PUDO search and find tasks and boost their efficiency.

As out-of-home delivery and pick-up continue to thrive, MatrixScan Find adds to its convenience by reducing manual search time. As a result, giving employees more time to interact with customers and handle other crucial tasks.

Want to try out MatrixScan Find? Go here and see it for yourself.

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