Product overview

Scandit barcode scanning software turns smart devices into high-performance and cost-efficient smart scanning tools. With little to no integration effort, upgrading the effectiveness and capabilities of your scanning workflows is as simple as choosing the solution that fits into your IT environment, testing it and deploying it to users.

Giving workers unmatched scanning performance enables you to automate processes and improve worker productivity and satisfaction – whether scanning single barcodes fast and ergonomically or enabling powerful features like batch scanning of multiple barcodes and augmented reality (AR). It also reduces the total cost of ownership with software-first flexibility that runs on any smart device.

Scandit offers two approaches to support any development environment and timeline:

  • No-code (Scandit Express app): Scan directly from the keyboard to any input field or a sharable CSV file from within any existing app – even those you cannot modify.
  • Native/cross-platform SDKs and Web SDK: Turn smart devices into high-performance barcode scanners quickly from within your existing development environment:
    • Pre-built components, designed for optimal user experience (UX) across various use cases, to get up and running fast
    • Fully customizable software libraries to tailor features and experiences to your needs.

Why choose Scandit barcode scanning software?

Scandit barcode scanning software is built for businesses needing a fast, accurate and powerful barcode scanning solution that deploys quickly and excels under challenging enterprise scanning environments.

Scanning speed, project timelines and tech stack support are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to scanning integration. Building an enterprise application takes three to nine months, on average, and common implementation gaps in barcode scanning can disrupt schedules. Incorrect symbology settings and inefficient user interactions can significantly contribute to project delays, low adoption rates and poor performance.

Graphic showing how many companies only see the tip of the iceberg when they assess barcode and ID scanning integrations.

Our no-code apps and native and web SDKs are designed to avoid these issues, and ensure good user experience, effective data capture and greater user adoption in enterprise environments.

The key benefits are:

  • Unmatched speed: single-scanning speed of 480 scans per minute. Scandit outperforms other scanning software solutions on any device and with any barcode.
  • Intuitive pre-built scanning user interfaces: including on-screen guidance and haptic feedback, backed by extensive user testing and a team of UX practitioners.
  • Advanced decoding algorithms: handle the toughest situations with industry-leading >99% accuracy. Scan in low light, at awkward scan angles and scan torn, tiny or shrinkwrapped barcodes.
  • Ergonomic interface design: ensures comfortable user operations under long-term, repetitive use.
  • Developer-friendly solutions: remove technology stack barriers for IT and engineering – with time-to-integrate on the order of minutes to days for pre-built and no-code solutions.
  • Advanced features to improve efficiency: for example, batch scanning of multiple barcodes at once, counting them, finding the desired item instantly and using AR to understand your stock and products.
  • Coverage of all major barcode symbologies: including UPC, EAN, Code 39, Code 128, ITF, Code 93, Codabar, Databar, MS1 Plessey, QR codes, DataMatrix, PDF417 and Aztec codes.
  • Broad device support: enterprise-grade performance on over 20,000 models of smart devices – including low-end devices without autofocus cameras.
  • Extensive framework support: support for all common operating systems, programming languages and development environments.

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How enterprise teams deploy Scandit solutions

Here are some examples of how teams use Scandit solutions to upgrade their barcode scanning capabilities:

  • Teams using traditional dedicated barcode scanners: Whether nearing end-of-life or after too many employee complaints, Scandit makes switching to low-cost commodity smart devices fast and easy. Our no-code apps and pre-built UIs streamline the transition and allow teams to deploy new advanced features such as AR and batch scanning.
  • Teams locked into an existing, unmodifiable enterprise app: Rather than remain stuck to an app’s functionality that can’t be modified, such as those from a third-party vendor or a legacy system, Scandit adds barcode scanning capabilities instantly with no coding required.
  • Teams wanting to swap out the barcode scanning component of their enterprise app: Scandit’s customizable SDKs allow teams to easily upgrade scanning performance, accuracy and features in their current app, including integration and long-term maintenance support.
  • Teams integrating barcode scanning into an app for the first time: Scandit’s expertise in building barcode scanning UIs for specific workflows ensures rapid integration and features that help, rather than hinder, user adoption and efficiency.

Built for every application, every level of effort

Scandit’s product portfolio ranges from turnkey, no-code apps to customizable, feature-rich native and web SDKs. Each solution supports various operating systems, frameworks, 3rd party systems and OEM devices including iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Xamarin, Cordova, React Native, IBM MobileFirst, SAP Fiori and Oracle Xstore.

Our solutions address the most critical problems facing enterprise development teams today.

Graphic showing Scandit’s smart barcode scanning portfolio of products


Instant deployment, ready-to-go apps

For when your business:

  • Needs to deploy very quickly
  • Cannot modify existing applications
  • Has limited or non-existent engineering resources

Scandit solutions: Scandit Express app

Scandit Express

The Scandit Express app instantly adds advanced barcode scanning features to existing apps with a smart keyboard wedge.

This allows users to scan directly into any input field from their keyboards and share results easily with anyone. There is no need to change any software or do any coding.

Person tapping on the Scandit Express App install screen within a smartphone’s app store.

Pre-built Components

Effortless integration, optimized UX

For when your business:

  • Has limited computer vision expertise
  • Wants to integrate into a mobile or web app
  • Has a busy engineering team
  • Needs a fast and optimized solution

Scandit solutions: SDK with pre-built components


Pre-built barcode scanning and UI component for fast and efficient scanning of single barcodes.

SparkScan fits on top of any application without requiring redesign or customization, allowing users to point and scan effortlessly within minutes of installation.

Barcode scan results for a warehouse parcel displayed on a smartphone using Scandit SparkScan
MatrixScan Find

Award-winning MatrixScan Find gives users an AR interface to locate items instantly using their smart device. It scans multiple items simultaneously and highlights the one needed using an AR overlay.

In-store order picker using augmented reality (AR) on a smartphone to find a product.
MatrixScan Count

MatrixScan Count is a pre-built scan and count solution for counting inventory and receiving multiple items at once. It provides real-time feedback on scanning progress using an AR overlay.

Scan results for multiple barcodes inside a retail stock drawer using Scandit’s MatrixScan Count

Custom integration

Total flexibility, requires time and resources

For when your business:

  • Has in-house computer vision and UX expertise
  • Wants to integrate into a mobile or web app
  • Needs a custom scanning and UI solution
  • Has time and engineering resource

Scandit solutions: SDK with custom integration

Custom single scanning

Core barcode scanning functionality allowing you to build bespoke single barcode scanning features that match users’ needs and business workflows.

Barcode scan results on a smartphone in a retail environment using Scandit’s Data Capture SDK

MatrixScan allows you to build features that help users highlight and interact with multiple barcodes within the same camera view.

Scan results on a smartphone for multiple barcodes on healthcare products using Scandit’s MatrixScan
MatrixScan AR

MatrixScan AR combines multiple barcode scanning, text recognition and AR overlays to significantly improve the overall data capture experience.

Augmented reality display on a field service technician’s smartphone showing barcode scan results and maintenance information using Scandit’s MatrixScan AR

Technical specifications for all Scandit barcode scanning products

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Security and privacy

All Scandit products follow the principle of Security by Design. We believe your data belongs to you, and we will never collect it unless authorized by you.

No keystrokes are recorded, no images captured for barcode decoding are stored on the device after the scan is complete, and no images are transmitted. Scandit barcode scanning solutions are fully functional without network access.


  • Devices register with Scandit’s servers to track the total number of devices on which Scandit solutions are used.
  • Scandit solutions never process or transmit personally identifiable information stored on the device (such as name, phone number, email address, or device ID).
  • All communication is encrypted.
  • No connectivity into your network and no access to your IT system is required.

Scandit enterprise-level success

Leading enterprises trust Scandit to support tens of billions of scans per year on over 150 million active mobile devices.

Our Enterprise-Level Success Team will partner with you all the way from evaluation to day-to-day operations – with trials, solution design, integration and customer success support included.

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