Product overview

MatrixScan Find helps frontline workers and customers instantly locate items using smart devices via an augmented reality (AR) interface. It scans multiple items simultaneously and highlights the one needed using an AR overlay.

This reduces search time and improves accuracy compared to manual search.

MatrixScan Find includes pre-built and pre-tested AR user interface (UI) elements, together with Scandit’s fast, accurate barcode scanning.

It reduces development time of an optimized AR application from months to hours and allows you to take advantage of Scandit’s experience across computer vision and AR interaction design. All you have to do is set the search criteria.

MatrixScan Find won a prestigious IF Design Award 2024 in the user experience (UX) category. The independent iF Design Award is recognized as a symbol of outstanding design worldwide. MatrixScan Find was chosen from nearly 11,000 entries from 56 countries.

Supported devices

Runs on iOS and selected Android devices. Contact support for more details.

Supported barcode symbologies

MatrixScan Find supports all barcode symbologies except DotCode, MaxiCode and postal codes (KIX, RM4SCC).

Typical workflows

MatrixScan Find is built and optimized to highlight the exact item to be picked out based on pre-set search criteria. It is particularly useful when frontline workers have to search for an item among many similar-looking products or packages such as brown cardboard boxes, spices, cosmetics, shoe boxes, DIY items, clothes or medicines.


  • In-Store Order Picking: Find products to be picked.
  • Order Assembly: Find and assemble customer orders.
  • Self-Scanning: Find products on a shopping list.
  • Customer Assistance: Find specific products on the shop floor based on a customer request.

MatrixScan Find is part of Scandit’s range of retail industry solutions.

MatrixScan Find IF Award Logo

Transport & Logistics

  • Last Mile Delivery: Find customers’ parcels at PUDO (pick up and drop off) points, or find parcels customers have failed to pick up to perform returns to depots.
  • Air Travel: Find individual pieces of baggage in Lost & Found or Baggage Service offices
  • Distribution Operations: Find the right parcel, package or pallet in a van or warehouse.

MatrixScan Find is part of Scandit’s range of post, parcel and express and air travel industry solutions.

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User interface (UI) overview

The AR interface of MatrixScan Find includes the following:

  • White AR overlays: These overlays indicate items that are scanned but are not a match. The overlay color is customizable.
  • Blue AR overlays: These overlays indicate items that match the predefined search criteria. The overlay color is customizable.
  • Pause button: A button used to pause or resume the search for items. The color of the button is customizable.
  • Item Carousel: The carousel appears when the search is paused. It is used to display the items that have to be found, with additional relevant information to further confirm to users that they’ve found the right item. The carousel color and content are customizable. You can choose to show or hide the item carousel.
  • Notification alerts: The alert box is used to indicate a successful task or any other message the customer would like to show to employees upon finding the right item. The color and text of the notification box are customizable.

MatrixScan Find augmented reality user interface to find products.

Integration guide

MatrixScan Find is an out-of-the-box integration that allows you to start using AR with just a few lines of code.


MatrixScan Find is currently available to integrate with native iOS or Android apps. Additional integration paths are planned for the future.

iOS documentation
Android documentation

MatrixScan Find functionality is also integrated into our Scandit Express app. Scandit Express is designed for use when you don’t have an application of your own or need a solution that doesn’t require software integration work.

Get started with MatrixScan Find

You can try out MatrixScan Find samples for iOS and Android on Scandit’s GitHub repository.

New customers

Existing customers

  • Update to 6.18+ and implement new API
  • No license key update is required for customers who already use the MatrixScan add-on.
  • Other customers will need to upgrade. Contact your account manager or our support team.
  • Follow the MatrixScan Find quick start guide for iOS or Android.

Integration with SparkScan

MatrixScan Find is designed to perform a specific task within a larger workflow. Its primary function is to identify/locate an item. However, it can’t be used to scan the item once it’s located.

To create a complete scanning solution that includes both item location and scanning, it is recommended to integrate MatrixScan Find into SparkScan.

This integration provides a seamless workflow and ensures that the entire process is covered by an end-to-end, out-of-the-box scanning solution.

If SparkScan is not your preferred scanning solution, you can integrate MatrixScan Find with your existing scanning solution (for example, based on Scandit’s default barcode capture mode).


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